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Shower to Tub Conversion

Omaha Shower to Tub Conversions

Different people get their bathrooms remodeled for different reasons. Some do it to change the color scheme, upgrade the accessories or change the entire look and others do it to get specific things transformed, such as replacing their bathtub with a walk-in shower.

Over the years, we’ve seen that one of the biggest reasons for people to remodel their bathroom is shower conversion. 

Take a look at some of the top reasons why people convert their bathtub into a walk-in shower:

Updated Modern Designs

The first reason why people come to us for shower conversion purposes is that we offer a variety of updated, modern designs for you to choose from. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Omaha, we always strive towards excellence, modernity, and quality. We have a great range of designs that you can check and compare before reaching a decision. Regardless of what your vision for your bathroom is, you can completely trust us to make it happen.

Safety Features

The safety of our customers is our ultimate and topmost priority. We know bathrooms can be risky, especially for older people, due to wet floors, loose shower handles, and whatnot, which is why at Five Star Bath Solutions of Omaha, we offer a variety of features and designs that aren’t just modern and unique, but also super safe and secure.

Here are some of the top safety products and features that we have to offer:

●        Shower bars and rails

●        Anti-slip shower floors

●        Shower benches

●        Low curb shower entry

●        Walk-in tubs

●        Handheld showerheads

High-Quality Material

As mentioned earlier, we never compromise on the quality of our products, and it is always our goal to use the best of the best products in your bathroom. We want our products to last you for a long time so that there are no disappointments along the way.

Minimal Maintenance

Our bathroom remodeling accessories, materials, and products aren’t just safe and top-notch but also simple and easy to use. You can use your bathroom to your heart’s content, knowing that it requires minimal effort to clean.

Our products are easy to clean and maintain, they don’t accumulate dirt, and are also scratch and stain-resistant.

Trained Experts

One of the many reasons why people come to us for shower conversion and other bathroom remodeling-related tasks is that we have a team of experienced and highly skilled installers with years of experience. Our factory-trained professionals take instructions very seriously and execute them perfectly.

Same Day Installation

We take great pride in our speed and efficiency, considering how our expert professionals can sometimes even finish the work within the same day! We don’t just prioritize your safety but also your comfort and convenience, which is why our goal is always to get the work done as early as possible, but without compromising the quality.

    Update your bath in as little as one day.

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