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About Us

From our birthplace in Canada to our expansion into the United States, Five Star Bath Solutions is focused on becoming the premier bathroom renovation company in the home remodeling industry. Our mission is to design and build your dream bathroom through expertise and trust. We provide bathroom solutions for everyone and every need.

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we understand that your bathroom deserves to be customized to you and your lifestyle. We offer a thorough product selection, in addition to installation capabilities for a variety of renovation projects, including one-day bathroom renovations, shower conversions, bathtub replacements, walk-in bathtubs and accessories installation.

Advancing the Bathroom Renovation Industry

Five Star Bath Solutions is advancing the bathroom renovation industry through innovative technology, custom products and attention to customer service. Using innovative software, Five Star Bath Solutions professionals will deliver a detailed estimate for your bathroom renovation project. We believe in setting standards for how projects are estimated, installed and completed.

Five Star Bath Solutions sets itself apart in the following ways:

1. Easy selection process – During our visit, select products from the convenience of your home and expect an accurate quote following our consultation process.

2. Rapid response – Our customer service team strives to answer your phone calls and respond quickly to your inquiries.

3. Quick install, quality service – From start to finish, our goal is to revitalize your bathroom space with expertise, skill and efficiency, while respecting you and your space, and time.

Our Roots

Founded in 1996 as Bath Solutions in Ontario, Canada, the bathroom remodeling company experienced growth through franchising with locations in various parts of Canada. Acquired by franchise developer Five Star Franchising in 2013, Five Star Bath Solutions expanded to the United States with corporate headquarters moving to Spanish Fork, Utah and its first U.S. location opening in Utah in 2014.

Our Vision

Five Star Bath Solutions is focused on delivering the highest quality bathroom renovation service in the industry, while becoming the premier bathroom renovation company. By connecting with ambitious entrepreneurs in local communities, Five Star Bath Solutions looks to expand its services throughout the United States and Canada. Five Star Bath Solutions strives to be the bathroom renovation experts, providing affordable transformations and beautiful solutions to your bathroom space.

    Update your bath in as little as one day.

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