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When to Install Safety Features in Your Bathroom

Safety features in your bathroom aren’t just for older generations anymore. Bathrooms are the most hazardous room in the home. Hazard prevention is for everyone. The combination of smooth surfaces, water, and soap create a perfect opportunity to slip and fall. An accident all family members are susceptible to.  

While statistics on bathroom related injuries on the site show a significant increase in injuries with age, younger age groups are not immune to sustaining an injury in the bathroom. Some bathroom safety features should be a new standard in every home, such as grab bars and handheld shower wands.

Safety Features With Style

Although safety products have been made to look like they belong in a hospital in the past, recent design trends are developing stylish safety fixtures that offer the best of both. You can have safety and beauty in your bathroom design with the latest bathroom safety product designs.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are a good idea to have in any bathtub or shower. It’s far too easy to slip and fall while getting in and out of the shower. The combination of water, soap, and smooth surfaces makes for the perfect opportunity to slip and fall. Since there isn’t an effective way to avoid all of these elements while getting clean, the next best way to avoid injury is to make sure you have a set of sturdy grab bars in your bath or shower. This includes inside and outside the shower to assist you while stepping in and out of the tub.  

Walk-in Showers

One of the reasons people fall while getting in and out of the shower is due to the lip of the tub requiring people to step over the side of the tub to get in and out. This act is a dangerous move requiring people to balance on one leg momentarily. That in combination with a slippery surface is dangerous moment for just about anyone. A walk-in shower is a great alternative to a tub that will eliminate the precarious motion of stepping over the tub wall.

Shower Bench

A shower bench, built into a new shower stall, can make a huge difference between potentially falling while showering and being able to relax and enjoy the experience. If stability and mobility are a challenge, sitting down to shower is a smart move. Why not have a new shower installed complete with a built-in bench that will improve the appearance and safety of your bathroom now?

Walk in Tub

Walk-in tubs are a beautiful alternative to standard tubs and will fit in any standard tub alcove. They come complete with a heated seat, water jets, handheld shower wand, and easy to operate faucet handles. The drain removes water from the tub up to 10 times faster than conventional tubs. This means the bather can get out of the tub faster because they don’t have to wait very long for the tub to drain before they can open the tub door and get out.  

Handheld Shower

In any bathing situation, I highly recommend a handheld shower wand. Not only do they give you more control and speed up the bathing process, they make it more convenient to sit down while showering. If you get a wand that has an on/off button you can save money on the water bill too.

Some will still put off installing bathroom safety features until they are absolutely necessary, or worse, after someone has already injured themselves. Safety features should be installed in a bathroom before the need arises, not after. Injuries sustained in a fall can mean medical bills and complications for extended periods of time. Don’t wait until you or a loved one get injured to install grab bars, shower wands, and shower benches. At the very least, these features should be installed in preparation for aging in place, not after mobility and sight have diminished to unsafe levels. You want to give yourself time to get use to a new bathroom safety features before they become an absolute need so you can continue to live an independent lifestyle.


Bathroom safety features can enhance the beauty and peace of your bathroom, keep loved ones of all ages safe and prepare your home for the day when aging in place will be something you appreciate. Let Five Star Bath Solutions provide the best bathroom renovation services available. Our professional installers are respectful of your home and your time. We can install new walk-in bathtubs or showers in as little as a day in some cases. We have 30 locations to serve you in the U.S. and Canada. Call us today to get a free evaluation and estimate. Our estimator will come take measurements, listen to your plans for your bathroom, and make the best recommendations for your needs. Call today at 855.970.2284.

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