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7 Tips for Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety is a real concern, especially if you struggle with limited mobility due to age or disability. One fall can put someone in the hospital with serious injuries that can lead to further complications. Such a tragic occurrence can be avoided by taking a few cautionary measures to prevent accidents and save you from potentially spending money on medical bills. From rugs and grab bars, to showers and tubs, take a look at these 7 tips for bathroom safety and determine what changes you need to make to keep you or a loved one safe from injury due to slips and falls.


One of the first hazards in a bathroom for seniors is the rug. Eliminate any unnecessary rugs and make sure that all required rugs have a slip resistant surface. Make sure to check the slip resistant surface of rugs periodically to be sure they are still in good condition. Overtime, the rubber backing on rugs can wear off, creating a dangerous slipping hazard.


With age and limited mobility, toilets can pose a new threat to safety and independence. Many home bathrooms have lower toilets than is easy or comfortable to access if you struggle with limited mobility. Installing grab bars can be helpful, but you can also go a step further and get a toilet extender or toilet seat riser. These make reaching the seat and standing back up easier because they make the seat higher. That in combination with grab bars will make a world of difference in the safety level of your bathroom.

Grab Bars

Also known as safety bars, grab bars are a great way to improve safety and restore your sense of independence in a bathroom when you struggle with disability and limited range of motion. Grab bars are not only good to install around the toilet, they are also essential in the tub or shower area. Grab bars are specially designed to hold a lot of weight. Do not confuse or use a towel rack or soap holder as a safety bar, they are not designed to hold any more weight than a wet towel and may come out of the wall if used in place of a grab bar. Give yourself improved safety by having grab bars installed in your bathroom.

Shower Heads

A hand held shower head is a great accessory to have in your bathroom. With one of these you can rinse-off so much easier without having to adjust your stance or position in the shower or tub. This means that you can also sit down to take a shower, rather than stand.

Shower Bench

Having a seat in the shower is a great way to protect yourself from the possibility of falling. If you can sit down to clean-up you don’t have to worry about protecting yourself from slipping and can focus on the task at hand. With a handheld shower you can bathe easily and comfortably.

No Barrier Shower

If you have a tub in your bathroom, a shower can be installed in place of your tub without having to knock out any walls. A no barrier shower allows for easy entrance into your shower even if you have a walker or a wheelchair. Such a shower can be equipped with a grab bar, seat, and handheld shower for additional convenience and comfort.

Walk-in Tub

If the idea of not being able to take a bath anymore is a discouraging thought, a walk-in shower is an excellent alternative option. A walk-in tub offers a sleek design equipped with a comfortable, heated seat, grab bar, handheld shower and arthritis friendly handles. The door comes with a seal that is warranted against leaking and the tub drains water 10 times faster than a normal tub. All of these features mean you can bathe in safety and comfort.

If you look around your bathroom and see a few areas that need safety improvements, from installing a grab bar to a walk-in tub, give Five Star Bath Solutions a call. We can help put new safety features in place to keep you or a loved one safe and comfortable.

Five Star Bath Solutions knows how scary it can be to bathe when you have limited mobility due to age or disability. We offer beautiful bathroom remodeling solutions that provide both convenience and comfort. Our attention to detail assures that each job is done right. We have many locations in the United States and Canada, to serve you. Click here to get a free estimate.


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