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How to Make Any Bathroom Seem Spacious

Making a small space larger without actually changing the square footage may seem intimidating at first, however, there are plenty of ways within your control to make your small space feel much larger. With the right ingredients, your small space can transform seemingly larger than it actually is to become a bright and cozy refuge! With elements like, proper lighting, color adaptations, and correct storage selection, the visual magic will start to come to life!

Leveraging Color To Your Benefit

Soft, bright colors visually enlarge a space. Colors in the pastel, neutral, or white groups add dimension and brightness making your bathroom look and feel larger. If you have difficulty choosing a color, an easy remedy is to go airy with white on white options. White is known to, of course, “whiten” and brighten areas. This can work when choosing tile, vanity color, etc. When you have chosen your color, using the same color for the ceiling and surrounding walls also adds to the illusion of more space. Avoid bold or dark colors that can optically shrink your bathroom. This goes for choosing tile, flooring, wallpaper, and paint! All will create the essence of opening up the room. You can follow paint suppliers like Sherwin Williams on social media for trendy up-to-date colors.

Using Plenty Of Natural Light

Add to the color and brighten up the room by allowing as much natural light in as possible. Exposing windows lets the sunshine in. You may even consider adding windows if your bathroom doesn’t already have existing windows is an option. Introducing skylights or solar tubes are other great options for expanding the amount of light you give your room. It is also possible to combine natural and commercial light to create that effect of expansion. Some ideas are using recessed can lighting in ceilings. Wall sconces or a lamp can also add warmth to the room. These are all good options that also won’t compromise too much countertop space.

If extra privacy is desired, avoid walling up your windows with shutters or black-out coverings and instead use a translucent window shade or light-toned stains glass which will ensure both privacy and natural light!

Being Strategic With Accessories

If decorations and accessories stick out or take up more room than they should, cut them out! This may include the actual vanity which could protrude out and/or occupy too much space. A better option may be replacing the vanity with a wall-mounted or pedestal style sink that doesn’t expand into unnecessary space that could feel more like an open room.

Additions like wall shelves, racks, storage accessories, or mounted decorations which stick out into the bathroom space should go! These can create a false perception of a much smaller room and distract from the open space.

Remove Clutter

Speaking of clutter, remove as much of it as you can from your bathroom! Less is more when it comes to creating the illusion of space. Choose just one decoration for walls as opposed to many small pieces. (Wall art featuring nature, landscapes, or faux windows are always good choices to accentuate the space in your bath.) There’s nothing like a clutter of small pieces together that will diminish the size of a room quickly! Store only the essentials in the bathroom and take everything else out to store elsewhere. Utilize linen closets nearby or other storage for everything else.

Use Mirrors

Get strategic with mirrors! Larger mirrors above sinks or even on other walls can greatly expand your bathroom visually. The mirror will reflect the light and color in the room which enhances the feeling of space. Adding mirrors opposite of windows will reflect light all around the room. This can give an instant brightness to any dark room.

You want the eye to catch the attention of the farthest wall. Therefore, remove any visual obstructions that will stop the eye prematurely, making the space seem smaller. You can create this by using glass shower doors instead of frosted or by not having a shower door at all, when possible. If you must use a shower curtain, choose one that can be pushed to one side when it is not in use. This way, you can see to the end of the wall completely.

When you combine the right colors, with natural sunlight, balance your accessories, keep the clutter minimal, and leverage mirrors, you will make the space of your bathroom seem much more spacious regardless of its current size!

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