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    Beautiful bathroom decorating ideas

    Bathroom decorating trends

    Bathroom trends 2010
    Great graphics, bold gold and antibacterial tile are just some of the bathroom decoating trends for 2010.

    Bathroom trends: What's making a splash?
    Want to know what's hot? Industry and design experts come clean on the big trends in bathrooms.

    New trends in the bathroom

    From pretty powder rooms to spa-like ensuites, check out the best of the best in bathroom decorating trends.

    Bathroom style: Rustic decor
    Simple ideas for turning your bathroom into a stylish, rustic-inspired retreat.

    Bathroom decor: Modern glamour
    A dark, outdated master bathroom in Surrey, B.C., gets a light-filled facelift with a cool palette and a few sparkly touches.

    A dark and outdated kitchen goes through an incredible transformation to become a bright white kitchen with watery blue accents.

    Bathroom decorating products

    8 new bathroom products
    From sleek and shiny to warm and woodsy, check out what's new in bathroom decorating products.

    Use flea market finds to organize your bathroom
    Get creative in the bathroom by using interesting flea market finds to store toiletries.

    Buying bath towels
    Follow our guide to finding quality towels that will look great in your bathroom and will last.

    8 essential bathroom accessories
    These 8 fresh and stylish bathroom decorating accessories are sure to enhance any space.

    Bathroom beauties
    9 fab accessories that will make your bathroom fabulous and functional.

    10 environmentally friendly bathroom decor products
    Be mindful of Mother Nature when decorating your bathroom. These 10 environmentally friendly items are sure to please her.

    Blooming beauty
    Perfumed products that are beautiful, whether they're flowering on your bathroom counter, bedroom vanity or you.

    Bathroom decorating tips

    25 ways to update the bathroom
    Eco-friendly tips and inexpensive tricks to help you easily update the look of your bathroom.

    Holiday bathroom decor tips
    Spruce up your space with these stylish holiday bathroom decorating ideas.

    10 tips for the ultimate bathroom
    These 10 bathroom decorating essentials will help you plan your ultimate washroom.

    50 cheap and chic ways to perk up your bathroom
    Breathe new life into your bathroom's decor with these simple, yet stylish solutions for a whole new look.

    Revive your bathroom
    Sarah Richardson shares 10 easy ways to makeover the bathroom.

    Design lesson: Soaking up style
    The bathroom has finally become a room in its own right -- here's how to make the most of it.

    Decorating with towels
    Liven up your bathroom with creative ways to display your towels.

    Bathrooms on a budget
    From low-cost to big-buck spending, explore your options when it comes to bathroom decorating.

    Three ways to warm up to white in the bathroom
    Clean spa style pairs with country's natural warmth in three charmed, white bathrooms.

    Buying guide: Bathroom lighting
    Create a serene, spa-like atmosphere with the right bathroom lights in just the right places.
    Image courtesy of VivaTerra.


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