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3 Simple Ways to Add Elegance to your Bathroom Space

Ready for a change of scenery and style in your bathroom space? Try bringing some elegance into your bathing space with these three simple bathroom additions.

1. Candles – Bring out the Glow

Create a nice glow in your bathing space with candles! Candles can serve two purposes in adding elegance to your bathroom space: Lighting and Scent.


As a light source unique from others in your bathroom, candles can add a nice touch of elegance to your bathing space. Place candles around your bathtub, or on your sink space as decor and light them before bathing. Add as many candles as fits your space and style, whether it’s three to four, or more.


Candles can also add a calming feel to your space, in addition to giving off appealing scents. Identify some favorite candle varieties and scents, and enjoy a refreshing fragrance in your bathroom space.


2. Terrific Towel Presentation

Most bathrooms in homes have towels in one form or another. Beyond the functional aspects of towels, utilize your towels with design in mind.


Roll, hang or fold? It’s your bathroom, so organize the look of your towels as you please. Choose one method of display, or do all three. Consider adding ribbon to your rolled or folded towels. Color coordinating your towels with ribbons is an easy way to add a nice touch of elegance to your bathing space.


Beyond ribbons, consider placing fresh flowers, colorful bar soap or a seashell on top of towels. It’s another simple touch to enhance the look of your towels and bathroom space.



3. Stylize with Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers can add a nice touch of style to any bathroom space. Say goodbye to soap dispensers with branding and consumer-focused messaging, and add a soap dispenser with a clean, aesthetically appealing look.



Small touches can go a long way in upping the aesthetics and elegance of your bathroom. Make the most of your bathroom space, and customize and design to meet your style!


At Bath Solutions we transform bathroom spaces with beautiful solutions. We recognize the important role of the bathroom in a home and give it the attention it deserves! Check back for ideas and tips to decorate and enhance your bathroom space.

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