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Home Improvement Enthusiasts Open the Austin Market

Say hello to Austin’s first Five Star Bath Solutions owners John McKay and Jason Huggins.

John and Jason began their franchise search very excited and motivated to control their destiny and to become business owners. Both were working full time in their respective careers and were ready for a change. The home improvement industry has always piqued their interest because Jason has had a natural ability to make things look more esthetically pleasing while John’s background was in construction management and operations. They have always felt a sense of accomplishment and pride with their own home projects and wanted to share that feeling with others.

After being introduced to Five Star Bath Solutions, thanks to a long-term relationship with their coach, John and Jason were ready to begin the Discovery Process. Say John and Jason, “Out of all the franchise opportunities we were presented with, Five Star Bath Solutions spoke loudly to us for three reasons:

  1. It’s in an industry that we’re both interested in (home remodeling and renovation)
  2. The affordable start-up costs weren’t a barrier to entry
  3. The reputation of Five Star Bath Solutions

All three worked together in persuading us to take the leap in business ownership…overall, the vision of Five Star Bath Solutions matched our outlook of how we want our company to succeed.”

Not only is providing excellent customer experiences a Five Star Bath Solutions’ goal, it is shared with John and Jason. They want their customers to come home feeling excited and proud of the improvements made, they believe that people should always feel good coming home.

We are excited for the growth and success for John and Jason in Austin, Texas and appreciate our new franchisees and business owners.

Franchise Owner Contact:

Jason Huggins
Franchise Owner
Five Star Bath Solutions of Austin
(512) 598-9905

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