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Top Ten Bathroom Renovation Tips

Updating your bathroom can be a time consuming and messy job but the end result should be well worth the hassle. Newly renovated bathrooms can increase the value of your property dramatically as well as providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for you. Use for more helpful bathroom renovation tips and a comprehensive list of highly rated bathroom contractors.

Tip 1 - Choosing your Fixtures

Pedestal sinks are more elegant than bulky cabinet vanity sinks though the latter may be more practical in terms of storage. You have to decide whether you need storage space or elegance when deciding on which sort of sink to buy.

Tip 2 - Choosing a Bathtub

Your choice of bathtub may be limited to the space you have so choice wisely. Bigger isn't necessarily better, you don't want to buy a bathtub that's so big you won't have a secure foothold in it when it's full. Try the bathtub before buying, sit in it and get a feel if it's comfortable or not. If space allows and you're looking for a tub for 2 people, make sure the tap is in the middle and your plumbing is suitable for this sort of tub.

Tip 3 - Choosing the Proper Flooring

Marble, stone tiles and ceramic are durable and attractive choices for bathroom flooring. They are also very water resistant which is crucial in a bathroom. Installing subfloor heating will help keep your bathroom warm, dry and comfortable. If you prefer hardwood flooring then choose a well sealed variety otherwise you'll inevitably have to deal with water damage down the road.

Tip 4 - Mirrors

Mirrors add space and style to a bathroom but don't overdo it. An elegantly framed mirror over the sink should suffice. Also consider adding an adjustable makeup mirror or mirror shaving niche for added functionality.

Tip 5 - Using Space Wisely

Install recessed cabinets between wall studs to maximize floor space and increase storage. Ideally your recessed cabinets should have an interior depth of three inches and the door should flush with your walls.

Tip 6 - Your Shower Area

Conventional closed shower stalls can be claustrophobic and confining. Try to select an open concept shower area to avoid this. Properly designed drainage and a ceiling mounted showerhead will ensure less splashing and keep your bathroom dry and you won't need a curtain to confine your sense of space.

Tip 7 - Sharing Space

If you have back to back bathrooms, opening them up with a shared door maximizes your sense of space. Instead of having two separate showers in adjacent bathrooms, plan one shared shower to serve as an ensuite.

Tip 8 - Lighting

Good lighting is crucial in a bathroom. Remember to provide adequate lighting over your sink mirror and install dimmers to allow for lighting variety. Lighting can greatly improve the look of your bathroom so plan it properly.

Tip 9 - Choosing a Toilet

While you don't need to go out and buy the most expensive toilet you find, don't cut corners when choosing your toilet. Models with elongated seats and bowls are usually the most comfortable so try before you buy, sit on one and see if it's comfortable.

Tip 10 - Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa

If you're one of the lucky few and have the space, incorporate some luxury into your bathroom. Expanding your bathroom to include a dressing room and spa atmosphere is very indulgent, and you can even include a fireplace or television for that extra sense of luxury and pampering factor. A makeup vanity and terry cloth upholstered chair will give you a spa sensation every time you go into your bathroom

As you can see with good planning you can have the bathroom of your dreams, but make sure you do your homework properly before undertaking this expensive home improvement project.

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