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    Bathroom Remodeling

    St. Paul Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling

    bathroom-remodelingRemodeling your old bathroom is easier than you can imagine thanks to Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul. If you are sick and tired of your old bathroom and want an updated and unique look, your dreams can come true now, with the help of our state-of-the-art fixtures and equipment.

    Now, you won’t have to look at obsolete tile patterns or make do with leaky nozzles and taps. We have the means to take away the stress and the worry typically associated with a massive bathroom renovation process. You don’t have to fret about extensive demolition and renovation or having to survive without your bathroom for weeks on end.

    One Day Installation

    We use high-speed installation procedures along with cutting edge products to completely transform your entire bathroom in just 24 hours! We are not talking about installing a simple showerhead or a new nozzle, but heavy-duty fixtures and full-wall shower systems—and all of it in just one day only!

    We at Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul have both the technical experience as well as the expertise to help you accomplish all of your bathroom renovation targets.

    Easy Cleaning

    Our unique wall systems offer the best showering experience possible. From a gentle and soothing rain to high powered jets of water, your adjustable shower systems can handle everything. They are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance.

    Once you start using them, you will forget all about scrubbing and cleaning your shower walls. Instead, you will be able to spend all that time to just relax and take in your freshly remodeled bathroom. Our wall systems are meant to fit the whole surface of the bathing wall and protect it from ugly water stains and mold growth.

    We Are a Household Name

    We have been remodeling bathrooms with cutting edge equipment and fixtures for over ten years and our name speaks for itself. This is why we are now the very first choice of any homeowner who wants to renovate and remodel their bathroom. With our experience and expertise, we guarantee the solutions we provide will be of the highest quality and that you’ll never have to worry about functionality or aesthetics ever again.

    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Greatest Priority

    bathroom-remodelingWe at Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. We aim to delight rather than satisfy our valued patrons. This is why we don't think that our work is complete once we have renovated your bathroom, in fact, we do a lot more than that.

    We offer lifetime warranties for most of our products and will happily repair or replace them in case of any issue due to workmanship and materials. We don't aim to sell products but rather create trust-based relationships for the long term. We offer the following value-added features to all of our customers:

    • Amazing bathroom remodeling services for every budget
    • Big savings on large projects
    • Beautiful and high functioning bathrooms in just one day
    • Lifetime warranty
    • High-quality materials
    • Skilled and experienced factory-trained installers

    Our unmatched expertise, latest equipment and original designs can help you to create the most luxurious washrooms imaginable.
    Our customer-first approach effectively ensures that your bathroom becomes a work of art and luxury—a place where you can literally wash away the day’s aches and pains. Once you call us, you will be able to see that our work combines technical brilliance with high-quality materials and equipment.

    Remodeling from Experts

    Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul has highly experienced in-house experts in your city and we will help you create a perfectly remodeled bathroom that will reflect your lifestyle while being well within your budget.

    We invite you to check out our huge range of bathroom fixtures, products, and accessories and guarantee that you will be able to find the ideal combination for your bathroom. We will install everything in as little as 24 hours as soon as you give us the go-ahead.

    Free Home Consultation Services

    We offer free home consultations before the start of any bathroom remodeling project. If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom today, you can call us at (651) 362-2201.

      Update your bath in as little as one day.