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Quick and Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Quick and easy bathroom cleaning tips are nice to have especially if you don’t like cleaning the bathroom. If bathroom cleaning is a chore you tend to avoid, then it’s almost a guarantee that it will take you longer to clean when you finally get around to it. The longer you wait the bigger the mess gets, the soap scum builds up and the toilet gets scarier. Cleaning the bathroom a little every day is the key to a quick and even pleasant chore. Follow these fast bathroom cleaning tips to make this job easy and even enjoyable.

Go Deep

Start with a Deep clean. This may require some extra time and a few special cleaning supplies like a pumice stone, scoring pad, a brush and a cleaning chemical that will clear away lime and mildew depending on the state of your bathroom. Do what’s got to be done to bring your bathroom to top cleanliness level. To help with this process I recommend a really good music playlist. Don’t forget to turn on the fan or open the window so you don’t get overwhelmed with fumes.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips Image

Start with a seriously clean bathroom by doing a deep clean, get out the old toothbrushes and elbow grease.


A word about cleaning chemicals and supplies: pay attention to the kind of surfaces you have in your bathroom. Pumice stones are great for removing hard water buildup but may scratch certain surfaces. If you have an acrylic bathtub take precautions to keep from scratching the surface of the tub and don’t use chemicals that are too harsh. If you have gold faucets, use only very mild cleaners such as vinegar as other chemicals will damage them. Marble surfaces also require special care. Pay attention and do it right. Don’t risk ruining your beautiful bathroom with carelessness.

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Do not mix cleaning chemicals ever, you could cause yourself to get sick with the fumes.

Clean, Enjoy, Repeat

Once the bathroom is thoroughly clean take a moment and appreciate your work.  It is my belief that a shower must be taken after a thorough bathroom cleaning project because your bathroom is now cleaner than you are. What better way to enjoy a clean bathroom? Here is the catch though. When you finish showering you must spray the walls and tub down with window cleaner and wipe it out with a towel. This is your new mode of operation.

How to Clean Gold Faucets: Maintaining Gold Plated Bathroom Fixtures Image

Keep a stack of towels to wipe down the entire bathroom with. Hint: if they are white you can bleach them.

Develop Good Habits

Now that your bathroom is clean, you are going to begin to develop new daily and weekly habits that will keep your bathroom sparkling. One of the first things to do when you’ve finished using the bathroom in the morning, even if you are still in your pajama, is spray everything with window cleaner. When I say everything I mean the mirror, sink, counter, faucets, tub, shower walls and the exterior of the toilet and seat. Next wipe it all down with a used towel. If you are worried about using your beautiful bath or hand towels for cleaning then keep a stack of older towels handy for this purpose.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips  Image

Keep your toilet clean by going over it everyday with a brush and some bleach.

Swish and Flush

Along with this spray and wipe process you should also give your toilet bowl a quick scrub to keep it gleaming. Keep your toilet brush in a container with bleach in it next to the toilet. This will serve two purposes: one, it keeps the brush clean and two, you don’t have to get out chemicals to clean the toilet bowl every morning.  If you have small children consider alternative options and keep the bleach out of reach of your little ones.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips  Image

Spray everything with window cleaner and wipe it down every morning.

A Onceover a Day Keeps the Nasty’s Away

This process is superfast and effective. By wiping down everything every day you are preventing anything from piling up on the counter or floor because you have to put things away to spray and wipe the surfaces. It also keeps water spots, lime deposits, soap scum and other nasty’s from building up anywhere, which means you don’t have a gross bathroom and cleaning doesn’t take forever.

Weekly Scrub

Once or twice a week do a slightly deeper clean where needed with a scrubby and chemical of your choice. Do not mix any chemicals with the bleach in your toilet brush, the bleach is enough to keep it clean. Sweep and mop the floor and take out the trash. This deep clean won’t take nearly as much time as the first one did because you already did that. Now that you are maintaining a clean bathroom you don’t really have any time consuming cleaning to do. Your life will be greatly improved by cleaning the bathroom every day. Trust me.

Quick and Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips  Image

By cleaning everyday, nothing will have a chance to build up and get gross.

Break it Down

If you are looking at your bathroom and wondering when you are going to have time to do a deep cleaning project, break it down. Only deep clean one item per day, or per week, if that is all the time you have. You won’t get to enjoy the stark contrast of a very clean bathroom that came from an hour or so of work but it will get there over time. And if you keep up the daily cleaning habit you will have a clean bathroom that will sparkle all over eventually.

If you are interested in more bathroom cleaning tips like this, check out Fly Lady trained my mom on bathroom cleaning habits and she sings Fly Lady’s praises to this day. My mom, in turn, taught me. Thanks Mom!

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Happy cleaning!


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