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Do-It-Yourself with These Shower Kit Tips and Tricks

Power of the Shower: DIY Edition

If you’re hoping to update your bathroom but don’t know where to start, a tub-to-shower upgrade is often a great starting point. Nothing brightens up a bathroom more than a fresh walk-in shower, turning your bathroom into your own personal spa! 

For those wanting to do a little DIY, a shower kit is an excellent option. It’s low-cost, convenient, and makes bathroom upgrades a breeze. Let’s go over what a shower kit is and everything you need to consider before taking the plunge.

What is a shower kit?

Shower Kit

A shower kit is a pre-packaged set of items used to create a shower. It typically includes a showerhead, faucet, valves, and the necessary plumbing fixtures for installation. 

You can buy these kits as a complete package so you can install a new shower without having to buy each item separately. Some kits may also include additional features such as body sprayers, handheld shower heads, and steam generators. 

Is a shower kit for me? 

If you’re into doing projects yourself and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, then yes. You can still customize your shower how you want, and it can be an effective way to save money. 

When choosing a shower kit, there are several key factors to consider:

Type of kit

Shower kits can come in different types depending on what your upgrade goals are. Some are very basic, while others are the full package.

  • Bathtub Base Conversion Kit – This only deals with the base wall of your tub. You create an entrance in your tub, making it easier to step in without having to lift your legs over a large barrier.
  • Base & Door Kit – These include the base, door, and a glass enclosure. You can create a corner shower or convert your tub into a glass shower.
  • Base & Wall Kit – These kits don’t require tiled walls, so you have more flexibility in where you place it. No doors are included, but this gives you the freedom to have a simple shower curtain or a custom door.
  • Base, Wall & Door Kit – The most thorough of the pack, these kits have everything you need. However, because of that, they are more expensive.

Size and layout of your bathroom 

Measure twice—three times, if necessary—before you choose your shower kit. Make sure the shower kit you choose will fit in the space you have available. We’re talking floor-to-ceiling, depth of tub, corners, etc.

Type of shower head 

Rain Shower Head

There are many different types of shower heads you could choose from, including: 

  • Detachable shower heads: good for accessibility, this cleans you in hard-to-reach spots.
  • Rainwater shower heads: give yourself that waterfall, shower-in-the-jungle experience.
  • Water-saving shower heads: conserve water and save your wallet while helping the environment. Since these constrict water use, they may not be suitable for homes with lower water pressure.
  • High-pressure shower heads: great for massages. Does use more water, so keep that in mind.
  • Filter shower heads: even if you have soft water, sometimes your water contains minerals that can be hard on your skin and hair. A filter can get rid of the nasties and improve your skin and hair.

Water flow and pressure

Some shower kits require a certain minimum or maximum water pressure to work properly. If your home plumbing uses a different size of pipes than the shower kit, it may not be possible to install the kit without making major modifications. Make sure everything matches up perfectly.

Material and finish 

Shower kits are available in a variety of materials and finishes, including:

  • Chrome
  • Stainless steel
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Tile
  • Stone

Choose an option that goes well with your bathroom.

Additional features

Shower kits don’t have to be bare bones. You can get some that come with luxe additions, like steam generators or body sprayers. This is your shower, so have fun! Make your shower a place you want to be and see what add-ons you can include.

Brand reputation and warranty 

Read reviews. Some brands offer low-cost options that might be more trouble than they’re worth. 

More expensive doesn’t always equal higher quality either, so thoroughly research other people’s experiences, especially people with similar bathroom layouts, house designs, plumbing type, or even age to yours.

Most shower kits come with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The specific terms and duration may vary, so read the warranty information carefully before purchasing a shower kit.

Typically, shower kit warranties range from one to five years and cover any manufacturing defects or issues that arise during normal use. However, the warranty may not cover damage caused by improper installation or misuse. 

If you have any warranty-related questions, contact the manufacturer or retailer before purchase so you know what you’re getting.


Price shop and compare. See which kits will give you the best value for your money. Shower kits can range in price from $100 to several thousand, depending on materials you use and the kind of changes you want to make.

Basic fiberglass or acrylic shower kits: These are the most affordable options and can be found for under $100 to $500, depending on the size and features.

Mid-range shower kits: These may feature higher-quality materials, such as thicker fiberglass or acrylic, and more customizable options. They can range from $500 to $2,000.

High-end shower kits: These are typically made of premium materials such as glass, stone, or high-end metal finishes. They can cost several thousand dollars or more, depending on the design and features.

It’s also worthwhile to calculate the time and effort it will take you on your end. How experienced are you? What have been potential barriers in DIY projects in the past? 

Sometimes the time and effort put into these types of conversions are worth more than the amount of money you saved.

Potential disadvantages of a shower kit

Here are a few reasons a shower kit might not be for you:

Limited customization 

Because shower kits are pre-packaged, the components and features included may not be customizable. You also might not be able to find the look you’re after.


Even the most experienced DIY-ers might find a project completely taking over their life. Shower kits are meant to reduce time, so you might have a project that only takes a day. However, sometimes projects can take several weeks, which is especially challenging for bathroom projects. 

Difficult repairs 

If a component of the shower kit breaks, it may be difficult or expensive to replace just that component. 

In addition, you could potentially run into problems with more than just the shower kit when doing your own conversion. It’s easy to make mistakes with the existing material or run into errors with the plumbing or drywall. 

Mistakes can lead to even more difficult repairs, which can cause you to spend even more money in the long run.

What to do next?

Shower kits are amazing for helping people save money and time, but they’re not for everyone. If you’d rather hand it over to the pros, Five Star Bath Solutions has you covered. We focus solely on bathroom conversions, so it’s easier for us to get in and out with most projects taking just 1-2 days. 

We’ll make sure your place stays nice and clean. We also have a waterproof-for-life guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about potential water or mold damage. Our specialty is fast and thorough, so you wouldn’t be without a bathroom for more than a few days. 

Give it a try today by scheduling your free design consultation on our website or by calling 855-970-BATH.

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