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Design Styles: How to Choose the Right Style for You

It’s time to look into style!

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you have complete control and artistic license to create a personalized oasis.

To get started, we’ll review the 3 main bathroom styles—traditional, modern, and contemporary—to help you clarify your plans to a contractor.

1. Traditional

The traditional design style has been used for centuries—it’s a tried-and-true, classic template.

It has an inherent luxurious look and feel that transforms a bathroom into a lavish escape. Easily customizable, traditional style allows you to bring your personal touch and charm without distracting from the design.

Traditional style might be right for you if you’re looking to add character, customization, and personality to your bathroom design.

Traditional Characteristics

Curved Lines

  • Makes use of curved lines and soft edges
  • This style takes inspiration from the Victorian and Colonial periods
  • Choose elaborate molding and wainscoting throughout the space to add details.


  • Extensive stonework and tile all throughout.
  • Adds to the high-end, luxury feel
  • Notable material longevity

Classic Colors

  • Makes use of classic color combinations that complement each other.
  • Warm, soft colors deliver a relaxing and clean look.
  • Common color combinations: Beige & Espresso, Cream & Soft Green, and Ivory & Gold

Stand-Alone Vanities

  • Traditional styles often feature stand-along vanties
  • Stand-alone cabinets too!
  • Cabinets and vanities have an aesthetic role beyond their practical use.

2. Modern

Some of the core qualities of modern bathrooms are openness and simplicity. Minimalist decor and clean design stick to the necessities, eliminating superfluous pieces.

This pure, uncomplicated style makes it easy for your bathroom to feel fresh and new.

Modern style might be right for you if you’re looking for a simpler, quieter design for an uncluttered bathroom space.

Modern Characteristics

Straight Lines

  • Clean edges
  • From the shower to the sink, modern designs make clear distinctions between different objects and areas.

Natural Materials

  • Strong accents of stone and wood
  • Naturalist, minimalist design
  • Down-to-earth but not boring

Geometric Decor

  • Sharp angles
  • Clean lines
  • Use of shapes as a design feature
  • Heavy emphasis on one element

Floating Vanities

  • More open space
  • Minimalist design
  • Allows design elements room to shine

3. Contemporary

Contemporary is the most recent and most fluid of the three styles. These designs take advantage of the most popular trends as well as the newest technologies and appliances.

Constantly evolving, this style is always adapting to stay current with the world of interior design.

Contemporary style might be right for you if you want lots of light, open space, and you’re looking for the most current design trends.

Contemporary characteristics

Natural Lighting

  • Focus on space
  • Less rigid than modern design
  • Using natural light and connection with outside as a design element

Smooth Glass

  • Defining feature of the style
  • Open, clean design
  • Hotel-style luxury

State-Of-The-Art Fixtures

Due to its evolving nature, contemporary design stays up-to-date with the newest technology. The best fixtures and technology updates can be found in contemporary design:

  • Handheld shower head
  • Air jet systems
  • Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy systems
  • Heated floors
  • Waterfall showers

Current Trends

Contemporary design is of the moment. Though people often confuse contemporary and modern, contemporary style is more fluid than the modern style.

Contemporary design follows current trends and styles, being open to what is most popular rather than what has stood the test of time.

The Choice is Yours

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so don’t feel limited in your style options.

Your bathroom is your personal paradise, and these design styles act only as a jumping-off point for your customized taste and individual aesthetic.

Regardless of which style you’re looking to adopt, Five Star Bath Solutions has the answer. With over 20+ color and style options, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Our warehouses are full of options ready to be customized.

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