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    Wall Surrounds

    Livonia Tub and Shower Wall Systems

    shower-wall-surroundsFive Star Bath Solutions of Livonia specializes in tub and shower wall systems. It would be accurate to say that we’ve tried every combination of style and materials. If you ever try our service, you’ll find this to be true.

    If you’re looking for a modern styled bathroom or something that reminds you more of a natural and homely spa, Five Star Bath Solutions of Livonia offers the best tub and shower wall systems. You can rest at ease knowing that we’ve done it all and will also offer you great deals no matter what your specifications are.

    High Quality Service

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Livonia uses grout-free tiles. It makes clean up an easy process. It also prevents the build-up of mold, mildew and resists the spread of infection from any bacterial growth.

    We believe that customer's input is the most important resource for us. We keep what you want in your bathroom and improve upon anything that needs to be improved.

    Range of Accessories for Wall Systems

    We not only offer you the best shower heads and walk-in bathtubs but we also recommend accessories that will make your bathroom more comfortable. These include benches and soap dishes that come in a variety of colors and add beauty to your bathroom space.

    The benches and soap dishes will be customized and be shaped as you want them to be. You can rest at ease that they’re made of the best materials available.

    Wide Variety of Options

    shower-wall-surroundsEveryone’s needs are different and we consider that when we design your bathroom. We understand that the point of remodeling is to improve your existing bathroom. We can design custom benches and sinks that are raised or lowered as you need.

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Livonia also offers custom shower heads and jetted bathtubs with whirlpools and seats that can accommodate a handicap or a special need individual. The jets and whirlpools provide a therapeutic experience that will allow you to relax and rinse your troubles away.

    Our installers keep your comfort in mind when they measure your bathroom space. There are many options that can be added or subtracted to give you a more soothing experience.

    Innovation in Design

    We provide a lifetime warranty to our products. If anything breaks, bends or fades, you can count on us to replace it.

    Our materials are resistant to germs and bacteria. Five Star Bath Solutions of Livonia ensures you won’t need to worry about the cleanliness of your bathroom. You will spend less time cleaning your bathroom and more time enjoying it.

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Livonia offers fair prices along with great services. Contact us today at (248) 728-8855 for a free, no-obligation consolation regarding our tub and shower wall systems.

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