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Are you looking for a qualified bathroom renovation expert in Halton that can do full or partial bathroom renovations? Then you found the right company for all your bathroom renovation needs. Bath Solutions of Halton specializes in full bathroon renovations, acrylic tub liners, custom bathwall systems, bathtub resurfacing, custom vanities and all bathroom fixtures. Call now for a free estimate: (905) 257-2259
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Why Use Bath Solutions of Halton?


Thank you for all of the hard work and the time it took to get the job done. Our bathroom looks amazing!

Julie P.


very professional, easy to work with and very accommodative

Sarla G.

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Free Bathroom Renovation Estimates for Residents of Halton, ON

Bathroom Rnovations for Halton, ON

Remodeling your bathroom has never been easier. Bath Solutions of Halton can give you the bathroom you have always dreamed of. If your bathroom is crying out for a makeover, whether a simple one, or something elegant, we have the experience and knowledge to give you exactly what you want.

Quality Products

At Halton Bath Solutions, we offer our customers nothing but the best materials available. We choose top quality items to complete the whole project – from the smallest details to the largest. Whatever design you choose will be finished with an unbeatable quality.

What We Offer

We take our work seriously, and that means listening to you – our client. Together we discuss what design you want for your remodel. With design in hand we are ready to begin the remodel. First we strip out your old bathroom – usually everything gets taken out. If we find any repairs that need doing, we fix them before we begin the new install.

Our crew works hard and will have the job done in no time. There is no detail too small for us.

Steps To Complete A Bathroom Renovation:

Step 1: Design Consultation

  • All parties should be present so we can discuss your ideas and visions together.
  • We will fully explain the process we go through, show you pictures of projects we have done, and we will discuss our prices with you.
  • Once you settle on a budget we can begin to design your project.

Step 2: Design Presentation

  • We will present your new design options.
  • You choose the design, the colours and select the materials.
  • Now we are ready to quote you your Guaranteed Price.

Step 3: Bathroom Renovation

  • Installation of your new bathroom begins. Our crew will always be on time and will stay on budget.
  • Installation is complete and you inspect your new bathroom.

For a free estimate on your bathroom renovation call Bath Solutions of Halton today. Whether you need a full renovation or a tub to shower conversation, or even a smaller job like needing just a new toilet, we will be happy to work with you and give you a free estimate of your bathroom renovation costs. Request your free estimate here!

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Halton’s Best Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling for Halton, ONBathroom renovations are a major undertaking for people everywhere. This is a major reason why people everywhere will need to understand more about how bathroom remodeling projects will work. Customers will need to understand more about how they can best mitigate the different types of renovations that they can make along the way. Bathroom remodeling can help people understand more about the specialized options that they have. At bath solutions of Halton, our team will be ready to help people accommodate some of the specialized options that people everywhere tend to have. Customers will need to review whether these renovations will fit with their existing decor options as well.

Top Notch Service

Customers will have to understand more about how they can manage the projects that owners want to make for themselves. Bathroom renovations will help people review the important challenges that they may be undertaking. These renovations will represent a significant upgrade for people everywhere. It will be relatively simple for people to manage the bathroom projects that they are creating. This is a core component of why owners will need to review the specialized service options that they have available. When customers are able to work with our team, they can plan out their bathroom renovations from start to finish.

High Quality Products

There are specialized tubs that people can get to make these bathroom renovations more worthwhile. Owners everywhere need to review how they can accommodate the unique challenges that they are encountering. This will introduce some special concerns that people may have. There are tubs that seniors can use, which will help them stay clean even if they are dealing with significant mobility issues.
Other options may include:

  1. Low-threshold and barrier shower sets
  2. Grab bars and seats
  3. Plumbing Fixtures
  4. Wall treatments
  5. Counter tops and sinks
  6. Lighting

Above all else, our team is committed to making sure that the right options get installed for people who need to deal with these issues. People may be faced with some significant problems that are associated with how wall treatments will work. Tub conversions will be made easy for anyone who wants to accommodate these different types of projects. Owners will be faced with some significant challenges that are associated with these projects. If people will be dealing with these problems, they will need to understand more about how they can be resolved.

Free Estimates

Finally, our team in Halton will be ready to offer free estimates for these installations. Owners may appreciate the opportunity to review how they can get a service quote. If people are able to review how these steps will work, they can actually replace their entire shower set soon. This is a fundamental aspect of why people need to upgrade their home in just a short amount of time.

Call us, or contact us online today, for a Free estimate from our expert bathroom renovations at Bath Solutions in Halton.

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Best Bathroom Remodeling in Halton, ON

Bathroom Remodeling for Halton, ONBathroom renovations don’t have to cost you a lot of time, or money to be done right. Bath Solutions of Halton can provide you with a no mess, no stress, bathroom remodeling experience that will leave you with a beautiful bathroom you can afford.

Our Bath Solutions of Halton design specialists will come and sit down with you for an in-home consultation to determine your every want and need. Our specialists will make the complex task of choosing and coordinating materials, colours and fixtures simple and fun. Best of all, our consultations are free of charge, so you can experience the quality of our service at no cost to you!

Our Unique Remodeling Process

When it’s time to bring your dream bathroom to life our factory-trained staff of Bath Solutions installers will complete your project in just a few days. They will answer all your questions and explain the process as they work. Our installers are professional and courteous and will always show respect for both you and your home.

Leading Products

Here at Bath Solutions of Halton we use only the finest quality products from the top brands in this field. You will have hundreds of colours, textures and styles to choose from. Learn all about our vast array of bathroom remodeling products and services, including: replacement bathtubs, bathtub to shower conversions, bathroom vanities, bathroom flooring and more. Whatever you envision we can create.

Bathroom Solutions has remodeled countless bathrooms and has the talent and experience to give you the bathroom you want. We are fully licensed and insured company that is part of a well-respected national brand. We are also locally owned and operated, so we have deep ties to the community.

Free Estimate

Let us provide you with a free, in-home consultation so you can see why Bath Solutions of Halton is right for you. Our design specialists will provide you with a fun, informative experience as they discuss design ideas, take measurements and help you select products. This service is free of charge, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Bath Solutions is here to give you a stress-free bathroom remodeling job that will last for years to come.

Call or contact us online today to discuss the best options with our experts in bathroom remodeling.

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Halton Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Renovations for Halton, ONA complete bathroom renovation or remodel can not only upgrade an existing space in terms of functionality, but it can also give you a room with a sense of peace and tranquility. Whether performing a complete, top to bottom remodel or simple a partial upgrade to update only parts of the room, Bath Solutions of Halton provides a wide range of ideas and solutions that can accommodate nearly any request to ensure that you get the exact bathroom that you desire.

Backed by many years’ experience in bathroom remodeling, we have seen and performed a wide range of projects in Halton and the surrounding areas. Using only the highest grade materials, our main goal is to provide exceptional customer service while not sacrificing quality.

The services that we provide are as follows:

  • Completely transforming and entire bathroom, top to bottom
  • Changing the overall look/style of the bathroom
  • Upgrading and improving the overall functionality of the bathroom
  • Taking on renovations of all sizes from big to small
  • Using only the most trusted and professional contractors
  • Using only the highest quality products/materials

Installing a Walk-In Tub

It’s a well known fact that the bathroom is one of the most common areas of the home where slips and falls occur. This is due in part to many people having difficulty both entering and exiting a raised bathtub. In order to prevent this, Bath Solutions recommends installing a Walk in Tub. Our Bath Solutions Walk in Tub professionals can transform any bathtub in Halton, with an up to date, easily accessible Walk in Tub and alleviate some of the unnecessary injuries that occur in the bathroom.

Our walk in tub selections are made from only the highest quality materials and produced by industry leading manufactures to ensure that you receive only the best product not only in terms of luxury, but also safety as well. Built with a smaller step and higher seat, this allows for easier access and also comfort. The Walk In Tub also comes with hydrotherapy massage jets that are perfect for soothing sore and aching muscles allowing you to unwind and relax. Many people prefer to keep all of their bathing options, not just rely on a tub. If that is indeed the case, then we can install either a tub or shower or even install a tub with a shower head so that the customer can have the best of both worlds.

At Bath Solution of Halton, customer satisfaction is something that we continuously strive for. Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that our competition simply cannot match. Whether a full scales remodel, or a small upgrade, you can trust our team of experts with your remodeling project because we will do it right.

We Install:

  • Piping and plumbing fixtures
  • Various tub and shower liner options
  • Bathtub to shower conversion items
  • Grab rails, along with other accessibility items
  • And many more

Tub to Shower Conversions

A bathtub to shower conversion is a popular request for Halton Bath Solutions. Many homeowners rarely use their bathtub these days which makes eliminating it a viable option. Whether to increase space in the bathroom or to give you a larger shower our Bath Solutions can provide excellent ideas and remodeling solutions. Our easily accessible threshold and custom raised seating will allow for ease and comfort in your newly installed shower.

Each bathroom remodel is different, but you can rest assured that at Bath Solutions of Halton, our team of experts will take into consideration everything from the room layout, to the type of fixtures currently installed in order to ensure that your new shower will not only fit perfectly but will also match in terms of design.

In addition to a tub to shower conversion, Bath Solutions of Halton can also provide you with a variety of other products, such as:

  • Walk in bathtub options and accessories
  • Bathtub liner options and accessories to improve appearance and ease in cleaning
  • Plumbing accessories and options that will match your current bathroom decor
  • And many more

Contact us today for more information or to discuss your current bathroom remodeling projects with one of our knowledgeable and skilled professionals. No matter what bathroom renovation service you are in the market for, you can trust that our skilled experts at Bath Solution of Halton will give you the bathroom you have always wanted.

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About Bath Solutions of Halton, ON

bathroom-renovations-remodelingBath Solutions of Halton are part of a nationwide network but are owned and operated locally. Belonging to such an organization means that all our contractors receive the highest standard of training in bathroom remodeling. As well as contractors being trained in the latest techniques and technology that is available to carry out the renovations, our design teams also have access to the latest products and are up to date with current design trends. We understand how important having the latest products and high quality workmanship is to you and this is just as important to us.

Our services help make your bathroom accessible for all members of your family. We are able to make the bathroom safer for older members of the household through the installation of railings and other mobility aids. If a full remodel is required then we are able to supply you with a walk in shower or bathtub and lower sinks.

Considering remodeling your bathroom?

It can be difficult to know where to get started with a bathroom remodeling project but our Halton design teams can guide you through the whole process of creating your dream bathroom. Fixtures such as bath tubs, shower and bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of styles so you are sure to find a style that appeals to you. Custom tiling can help you really make the bathroom your own. With prices to suit every budget, we can make your dream bathroom become a reality.

Beginning your Remodel?

The primary aim of our Bath Solutions renovations team is make the process of achieving your dream bathroom that is as easy as possible for you. In order for the remodeling to run as smoothly as it can our design team and remodeling contractors will work together as closely as possible and will work with you through every step of this process. The design team will help you choose your dream bathroom and the remodeling contractors will help make this design a reality.

All the remodels that we carry out are designed to your individual taste and the high quality of products that we use provide you with a bathroom that will last for years and provide real value for money.

Get Started Today

The initial consultation for your bathroom renovation is provided free of charge and it only takes three easy steps to schedule this consultation:

  • Your free consultation can be scheduled by requesting one online or by calling (905) 257-2259.
  • Bring with you any ideas you may already have about the style that you want for your new bathroom.
  • Become excited that your new bathroom is on it’s way to becoming a reality!

Call or contact us online today to discuss your options with our Halton bathroom renovations experts.