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Doing a Bathtub to Shower Conversion and the Best Way to Approach It

Bathtubs are becoming vastly outdated now with newer, fresher and more stylish innovations such as walk-in showers. Many homeowners are updating and remodeling their old bathroom tub into a more modern shower replacement. Bathtub to shower conversion is simple as long as each individual has the right tools and assistance to get the job done. Hiring a professional contractor or bathtub to shower conversion company is the ideal solution for this type of task. Or, consulting with both for persons who want to do it themselves is also an option.

Bathtubs can be hazardous although stylish in some homes. For instance, elderly persons, the disabled and young children can have unfortunate mishaps when climbing in and out of a tub. If the surface of a tub is wet it can be very slick and cause accidents. Additionally, for the elderly and disabled, climbing in and out can be a task and not the ideal way to take a bath because of their age and condition, respectively.

Bathtub to shower conversion can be both a remodeling and health task depending on why it is being done. There are many different companies that offer bathroom to shower conversion services. There are also a wide range of standard and custom showers to choose from. Some companies can even use an existing tub for a new shower conversion.

For a full bathtub to shower conversion the entire tub will have to be removed. A professional contractor will be needed for this step as he or she will have to inspect all the plumbing in that area and decide whether they will need to be upgraded. In addition, a contractor may have to mold and mildew proof the base of the new shower as well as ensure the drain and all fixture holes are lined up accurately. There are several companies that offer shower walls which are both cost-effective and easy to install. These shower walls are easy to clean and are virtually maintenance free. Most times during a bathtub to shower conversion the shower valve may need to be both removed and replaced. Some homeowners may install a new one and reposition its height as well during this process.

When converting a bathtub to a shower for the elderly or the handicapped it is imperative to install a safety bar, shower seats, scald proofed shower valves and other similar accessories that minimize possible injury. There are also some companies and contractors who will suggest specialized showers that are wheel chair, walker and mobile chair accessible.

Bathtub to shower conversion is very popular nowadays as a result of the changing styles and aesthetics in the market. They are also necessary remodeling choices to accommodate the old and the physically challenged. With the right amount of guidance and help a bathtub to shower conversion will be both simple and cost-efficient.

(Source: - Published by Shawn Hickman),(page consulted April 23, 2012)

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