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Bathroom Remodel With a Modern Color Palette

So, what makes a bathroom style modern after all? In my search for answers, it became apparent the term “Modern” can mean many things to different people, but in general, modern design usually emcompasses neutral or basic colors, geometric shapes, natural materials and finishes, and little to no decorative ornamentation. Does that resonate with you? If you are looking for a refresh in your space at home and want to remodel your bathroom with a modern twist, you may do like I did and find inspiration in what ‘Five Star Bath Solutions’ has been up to! For most of us, a bathroom is a very private sanctuary. It’s an environment where we want to evoke the feelings of comfort, cleanness, and relaxation.


Minimalist simplicity bathroom

I found the bathroom designs via Five Star Bath Solutions to exhibit all the examples of modern design. Geometric shapes throughout the bathroom feed it’s simple, yet pleasing environment. Neutral walls and tub or shower help the focus be function without any muddle. It may seem blunt, but additively serene. You could easily relax from your daily concerns in a fresh and simple place without clutter or distraction. It is inviting to walk into this bathroom and see the clean tones along with the lack of clutter.


Warm and earthy modern bathroom

Modern bath designs don’t always have to be stark and white. This Five Star Bath Solutions curved bath surround gives a perfect example of a basic color scheme, still focused on geometry, simplicity, and natural earthy tones paired with wood and stone. This makes for an inviting and warm opening to the modern bathroom experience.


Canyon shower tile bathroom

This canyon shower tile in place completes a modern style by offering geometry with dominant square and rectangular shapes, a transparent glass door -- inviting an open and on-going space, and a clean, white floor paired with a neutral gray backdrop to add a natural stone decor, finishing the look. This opens up a smaller space while still staying simple, functional, and providing clean lines and colors.


Modern Featuring Black And White Mixes bathroom

This Rollins bathroom remodel helps accentuate an open and modern bath headlining black accents and open curtain-style. Using black accents around the shower walls and vanity contrast the white, clean shower while still keeping that simple modern and functional look. We have kept the modern, transparent design by keeping the look open using a glass surround or open-curtain shower option while also adding definition with blacks and whites for a balanced minimalist effect. You could also add accessories in black, bronze, or silver to add pops of shine and luxury. The vanity and sink add geometry and space to keep the open theme trend, while also adding that color contrast.


Bright Accents bathroom

Remember! The modern look doesn’t mean it has to be colorless, especially if you stick to single-bright shades and accessories. Any saturated hue will highlight your modern design and make minimalist styles pop. As you can see in this Royal 96 shower in Triton, a spread of color added to the modern stone look can make your shower backdrop become an art piece! While staying open with a transparent, glass cover, you are free to gaze at the luxurious, natural looking grays swirled with color. Classic color can enhance any modern design.

We found so many unique, simple designs which turn a stale space into a warm and inviting space. From colorful, to earth tones to pure white, whatever your style; Five Star Bath Solutions have the insight, geometry, finishes and experience to make your vision a reality!

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