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    12 Stylish Bathroom Designs for Kids

    Kids can quickly outgrow youthful bathroom designs full of whimsical creatures and pastel hues. These chic yet playful bathrooms can be perfect for both kids andadults.

    By Kayla Kitts

    Jack and Jill

    This Jack and Jill bathroom from HGTV Dream Home 2010 was created to provide a shared, gender-neutral space for two kids, while simultaneously giving each their privacy. The turquoise and orange color theme within each bedroom was consistently mirrored in the bathroom design, too.

    Baby Blues

    A soft, robin's-egg blue was splashed on the walls to visually expand and brighten the space, while still incorporating deeper shades of blue for a sweet and interesting monochromatic look. To contrast with the blue surroundings, designer Linda Woodrum integrated pops of vibrant orange accessories in unexpected spots.

    Simply Green

    This fresh and fruity palette of green and orange is the perfect color combination for a small and narrow bathroom. The colors ensure that the room is not washed out or too bright. With a pedestal vanity, an alternate storage solution is essential if you want the kids to keep the bathroom squeaky clean.

    Luscious Hues

    Rather than extend the floor-to-ceiling green paint into the bathroom's other half, designer Linda Woodrum added a three-lined stripe of orange and green to create a simple yet visually dynamic space. There's no neutral tiling in this kids' space; orange subway tiles line the inside of the shower for a slightly hidden continuation of the orange and green duo.

    Bright Delight

    RMS user bluej82 used a zesty shade of orange along with a subdued, rainbow-inspired shower curtain to give this bathroom a childlike charm without sticking to a particular theme. The mature design elements make it an ideal spot for guests and adults, while still incorporating a hint of whimsy.

    Marine Life

    No matter how far you are from the coast, you can still bring the best elements of the sea inside and into your decor. Ditch the generic towel rack in the kids' bathroom and replace it with something a little more inspiring. The hooks can be their favorite animals, like this smiling octopus in vibrant, eye-catching colors with an equally bright backboard.

    Mountain Living

    For kids and tweens who love outdoor sports, the spacious ski dorm bathroom from HGTV Dream Home 2011 boasts multiple stalls, sinks and storage equipped for a large gathering of friends and visitors. The industrial-chic design appeals to people of any age, but the casual sporty feel of the space will be an instant favorite to adventurous young girls and boys.

    Daring Contrast

    Set off from the warm and vibrant girl's bedroom, this sophisticated yet youthful bathroom boasts an entirely different color scheme and design style than its eye-catching neighbor. However, the natural tree-branch elements were subtly mirrored in the tiny wall shelf and rippled vanity mirror. Plus, marble countertops and crisp, white cabinets provide a classic look that she won't outgrow any time soon.

    Red, White and Blues

    A classic nautical theme can work for both playful and beach-chic designs. This simple and contemporary kids' bathroom from HGTV Dream Home 2009 presents an equal balance of red, white and blue around the room for a tamed yet bold look.

    Glamorously Chic

    Tween girls will swoon over this glamorous adult-like bathroom with its regal clawfoot bathtub and over-the-top color palette. To tame the bold fuchsia walls, designer Cindy Aplanalp added white subway tiles to the wall and incorporated light wood cabinetry and storage shelves.

    Beach Chic

    A neutral color palette is perfect for any age. This kids' bathroom may not have bold colors or playthings, but its soothing tone and tranquil appeal create the ultimate spot for relaxing after a soccer game or unwinding after a math test. And with plenty of concealed storage space, the kids will know exactly where to store their things. Design by RMS user gfxgirl

    Bath Splash

    Although this green-themed bathroom features frogs, dragonflies and lily pads, a more adult look can be instantly traded in when the kids require a more "grown-up" bathroom design. Design by RMS user giftednotions

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