Men dream about big TVs; women dream about big bathrooms!” says Vancouver designer Kelly Deck of Kelly Deck Design. And there’s no doubt this master bathroom, which features a tub that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, is a dream come true for the White Rock, B.C., owners.
At 600 square feet, it’s one of the largest bathrooms Kelly has ever designed. “And in some ways, it was one of the most challenging,” she says. “I wanted the room to feel like you were at a luxury hotel spa, not at home. But when you’re dealing with that much space, a bathroom can come across as cold and impersonal.” Her solution? Use a combination of different materials and textures. “I knew the bathroom had to yield to the vista outside the windows, to embrace the sea and sky. I wanted it to echo the largesse of the natural world,” she says.




Tile play

Applying the same tile in two different shades to a wall is a subtle yet effective way to divide a space.



By Bethany Lyttle,Photography Barry Calhoun,,(page consulted June 25,2012)