Universal Design Features in the Bathroom


Ample Space for Wheelchair

To create enough room for a wheelchair to make a 180-degree turn, there must be at least 5 feet of open space in a bathroom. This bathroom flows right into the sleeping area, providing plenty of space to move about. Design by Belmont Freeman


Curbless Roman Shower

The Roman shower is the best option for people of all ages, especially those who use walkers or wheelchairs. The shower has no rim to step over, allowing easy access for all users.


Kohler Accord Seated Shower

Showers With Grab Bars

Whether a bather is 6 or 60, anyone could use the security of a grab bar in the shower. Sleek grab bars can double as towel holders, and there are modern options that will complement the overall look of your bathroom rather than detracting from it. Image courtesy of Kohler


Trish Beaudet Creates Master Bathroom Classic

Slip-Resistant Floors

By increasing grout lines on the floor of your shower, you can create a more slip-resistant space while maintaining a cohesive look. This bathroom has thicker grout lines in the shower and throughout the room, and the rug outside the shower makes for a safer space as well. Design by Trish Beaudet


Hand-Held Shower

A hand-held shower is a necessity for those with physical limitations. But the fixture needs to be placed low enough to reach your feet when you sit on the shower bench. This hand-held shower is mounted lower, giving it full range. Image courtesy of Toto


Chamomile Tea Colored Glass Tiles in Modern Bath

Shower Seat

A bench in the shower is the perfect addition for all ages. Besides using it for seating, you can use it for storage or to prop your leg up while shaving. This bench has a contemporary look and doesn’t take up too much space in the shower. Photo by Becket Logan. Design by Celia Berliner


Beautiful Blue Tiled Shower by Lori Dennis

Try Grab Bars for Safety

Try to create a shower space that is as flat as possible. When soap dishes and shower shelves protrude, people are tempted to grab on for support if they slip. This shower has only a faucet control within arm’s reach. With a grab bar, it would be perfect for an aging owner. Design by Lori Dennis


Tall Toilets

Choose a toilet that is 16 to 18 inches high, rather than the standard 14- or 15-inch high seats. This is more comparable to a chair and is ideal for most everyone in a household. Image courtesy of Gerber


Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wheelchairs and walkers can easily slide under sinks that are mounted to the wall because there are no cabinets or pedestals in the way. This wall-mounted sink is a great option because of the counter space that is also included. Image courtesy of Kohler

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