Top Bathroom Remodeling Dos and Don’ts

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the wisest home improvement projects you can undertake. On average, bathroom remodeling nets a 78 percent return on your investment, according toRemodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs Value Report. But a bathroom isn’t any ordinary room. The complexity that comes with so much bathroom plumbing, limited space, special lighting needs–and perhaps bathroom tile work–makes it a bigger challenge than a bedroom or living room. Experts agree there are several key dos and don’ts that will help make your bathroom remodeling project a success.

Keep It Simple
Shun trends when it comes to the look of bathroom tile, toilets, and other fixtures not easily or inexpensively replaced. Embrace neutral colors and express your creativity and individual style through the room’s accents, such as towels, bath mats, and artwork. Use space wisely. There ought to be 30 inches between the front of any bathroom plumbing fixture and the opposite fixture, such as between the bathroom shower and the sink, the tub and the toilet. Add good lighting. Lights around the mirror will reduce shadows and frosted fixture shades help eliminate glare. Any lighting in the shower ought to be watertight.

Consider Resale Value
Be conservative with your dollars for the biggest payback. Cover the basics first. Apply a fresh coat of paint, update lighting, replace the old medicine cabinet, and re-caulk around the tub and bathroom shower. Hang a large mirror, as it will make the room appear larger than it is, and for practicality’s sake, a large mirror works well if more than one person uses the room.

Be Tastefully Modern
While you probably don’t want to install a trendy colored toilet, as so many people did in the seventies, you also don’t want to be behind the times. Do install a smaller tub and larger bathroom shower to reflect changing desires. Modern tastes lean toward frameless glass shower doors, stone countertops, and furniture-quality vanities that more closely resemble kitchen cabinets in height and sturdiness. Today’s ecologically-minded homebuyers also will appreciate water-saving dual-flush toilets and sustainable flooring materials, such as long-lasting recycled-glass bathroom tile.


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