Customize and liven up the look of ordinary bath towels with the addition of colorful bands of ribbon.

By Layla Palmer

Materials Needed:

  • solid-colored bath towels
  • fabric ribbon (non-wired)
  • measuring tape or ruler
  • scissors
  • washable fabric glue (available at most fabric stores)

Choose Towels

It’s best to choose towels that already have a band across them, as shown in the image below. Measure the width of the band to determine what size ribbon to use.

Select Ribbon

Choose a spool of ribbon that coordinates with the bathroom’s color scheme.

Smooth It Out

Using both hands, smooth out the towel so there aren’t any ripples.

Add Glue

Squeeze some washable fabric glue onto the bottom side of one end of the ribbon.

Fold and Press

To prevent fraying, fold over about 1/2″ at end of ribbon and apply pressure until the glue has dried.

Add More Glue

Squeeze a large amount of glue onto the folded-over, bottom side of the ribbon.

Position the Ribbon

Press the ribbon down onto the towel and apply pressure until the glue is dry.

Cut the Ribbon

Roll out enough ribbon to cover the towel band from one side of the towel to the other. Cut the ribbon approximately 1/2″ longer than the width of the towel.

Add More Glue

Flip the ribbon over and squeeze a heavy amount of fabric glue onto the entire bottom side of it and press it into place across the towel band.

Fold the End

Use more fabric glue to prevent the opposite end of the ribbon from fraying.

Fold and Press

Fold the additional 1/2″ of ribbon under and press it into place.

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