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    Shower to Tub Conversion

    Salt Lake City Shower to Tub Conversions

    shower-to-tub-conversionGetting a bathroom remodeled every once in a while, is key to keeping it maintained. This is why Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City brings to you unmatched remodeling services so you can enjoy a unique contemprorary bathroom. We are your perfect solution to convert a shower into a bathtub. In fact, a lot of people in Salt Lake City opt for us particularly to replace their showers with luxury bathtubs.

    More Than a Dream

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City offers you a solution that is beyond your expectations. Our designers are determined to offer you the best products in the market. This is why we have affiliations with companies that offer top-quality materials.

    When it comes to bathtubs, we put a wide variety of alternatives at your disposal. Our designers don’t just let you pick any bathtub. They ensure that you have full disclosure of the product you are purchasing. In addition to that, our team at Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City also presents the potential products that could perform best in your bathroom.

    Services of the Highest Quality

    Our professionals at Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City work hard to bring to you only the best services. We focus on every single detail to make your experience worthwhile.

    • The bathtubs that we offer all come with a lifetime warranty.
    • Our bathtubs feature an antimicrobial surface.
    • The team of installers is certified and experienced and knows how to complete the job perfectly.
    • You get to choose from a wide range of bathtubs featuring different designs and finishes.
    • We bring to you the most contemporary and effective installation techniques.

    We Focus on Everything

    If there were something that differentiates Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City from the competition, it would be our attention to detail. We don’t just complete your job for you. Instead, our team of expert installers focuses on the finest details to determine any potential issues that may arise, and solve them right away.

    Quality Based Service

    shower-to-tub-conversionAt Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City, we are dedicated to a level of service that leaves you in awe of the finished product. This includes everything from the way our representatives deal with you, to incorporating your ideas and how you want the new bathtub to be installed. This allows you to have that peace of mind while we complete the project for you.

    Your Comfort Matters to Us

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City, it is your comfort that we value. This is one of the reasons why we get the shower replacement job completed within a single day. In addition to valuing the time for your comfort, we want to give you the most value for your money. This is why Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City continuously offers different discounts.

    Post Installation

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City doesn't just install your bathtub for you, but once the job is done, our professionals clean up the mess that is created as a consequence of the installation project. In other words, once we leave your place after the installation, all you have to do and sit back and enjoy a relaxing time inside your new bathtub.

    We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Salt Lake City, our entire goal is to satisfy you as our client. For that, we have to ensure the everything goes smoothly from the beginning of the bathtub installation to its completion. If you are interested in our services, simply dial (801) 919-3803 and get in touch with us.

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