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    Wall Surrounds

    Bismarck Tub and Shower Wall Systems

    shower-wall-surroundsMold, mildew, and water damage can degrade the life of a bath system. A cost-effective way to avoid these problems is by installing tub and shower wall systems. Your bathroom walls will be vulnerable to decay and damage if you do not install a wall system. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck, we provide a wide variety of wall systems that can perfectly match the existing decor of your bathroom.

    Create a Stylish and Luxurious Place

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck provides the perfect solution for creating a stylish and luxurious bathroom. We are known in the city for providing beautiful and quality shower and tub accessories for years. With our tub and shower wall systems, you will be able to transform your bath area into a relaxing and luxurious place.

    Some of the value-added benefits of our tub and shower wall systems include the following:

    • Durable, quality acrylic material
    • Anti-microbial properties
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Restricts mold, mildew, and bacterial formation

    Unique Design and Style

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck, you can find one-of-a-kind tub and shower wall systems that can make a grand style statement. Our large selection of colors, styles, and patterns provide you with great flexibility in choosing the perfect tub and shower wall surround.

    Large Variety of Accessories

    A tub and shower wall surround is not complete without the right accessories. You will have many choices when it comes to enhancing the appeal and function of your bathroom as we provide a large range of accessories. These include:

    • Shelves
    • Shower caddies
    • Built-in benches
    • Soap dishes

    Stunning Beauty and Attraction

    shower-wall-surroundsThe wall surround systems of Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck will greatly amplify the look and appeal of the bathroom. Our attractive design products can transform the bathroom from being dull and unattractive to gorgeous. Installing one of our elegantly designed wall surrounds will also increase the value of the property.

    Elegant, stylish, sophisticated, and contemporary are just some of the words that can describe our exclusive line of tub and shower wall surrounds. Surprisingly enough they are cost effective as well. You can get the best returns on your investment when you install our tub and shower wall surrounds and accessories.

    One Day Installation

    Don't have days to dedicate for a bathroom remodeling? You should not worry as we offer same-day installation. Our experienced installers can install the tub and shower wall surrounds in as little as a day. Also, our remodelers make sure that the installation is not a messy process. They will clean up the place after completing the work!

    Customized Solution

    Every person has different requirements when it comes to upgrading the look of the bathroom. That's why we offer a large variety of color, design, and size options that can help you to perfectly complement the look of your bathroom. This gives you great freedom in customizing the bathroom according to your wishes.

    But that's not all! The expert remodelers at Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck will take precise measurements, and create an enclosure that perfectly fits the space.

    Affordable for Everyone

    We at Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck believes that everyone deserves a beautiful and a comfortable bath area. We provide affordable, durable, fully functional, and above all stylish tub and shower wall systems. You can dramatically upgrade the look of your bathroom by installing our wall surrounds.

    For more information about our high-quality tub and shower wall systems, you can contact us by dialing (701) 809-0090.

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