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    Walk-In Tubs

    Bismarck Walk-In Tub Installers

    walk-in-tubAre you thinking of updating your outdated bathroom? Then, you should contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck for a walk-in tub installation. We can help you select the best bathtub that meets your safety, convenience, and comfort requirements.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    When it comes to comfort, convenience, and safety, our walk-in tubs are one of the best. We offer a variety of bathtubs in different colors and design options. You are sure to find a bathtub that perfectly meets your requirements and budget.

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck, we provide a lifetime guarantee on our products. Our walk-in tubs are guaranteed to last for a long time without developing any defect. However, in case the tub develops a defect after installation, we can replace it for you — at no additional cost.

    Installation in Just One Day

    Most people have busy schedules. They can't spare time for a renovation project. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck, we are fully aware of this constraint. That's why we offer one-day installation services. Once our walk-in tub installers know your requirements, they can install the tub within 24 hours.

    In addition, the installation of walk-in tubs will not be a messy affair when you contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck. Once the installation is complete, our walk-in tub installers will clean up the mess. In this way, you don't have to do anything after the installation is complete.

    High Quality Walk-in Tubs

    Our walk-in tubs boast of premium quality material. The acrylic, non-porous surface of the tub will restrict the buildup of dust and grime. Moreover, the anti-microbial properties of the tub will minimize the formation of mildew, mold, and other microbes. As a result, you won't have to spend much time cleaning the tub.

    For a FREE, in-home estimate regarding walk-in tub installation, you should contact Five Star Bath Solutions today. We can provide you information about the best bathtub for your bathroom.

    Best of Both Worlds

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck offers shower/walk-in tub combo. You can enjoy the comfort and luxury of the walk-in tub and the ease and convenience of a shower. The shower/walk-in tub combo boasts a lot of features such as:

    • Shower wand
    • Easy-to-reach controls
    • Massaging water jets
    • Hydrotherapy options
    • Personal hygiene bidet

    The best thing about our walk-in bathtubs is that they have hydrotherapy features that can ensure a perfectly relaxing bath. Our walk-in tubs will help you relieve pain and boost energy. You can select different hydrotherapy options that can provide a spa-like experience at your home.

    Customized Walk-in Tub Installation

    walk-in-tubFive Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck offers customized, highly upgraded walk-in tub installation. Our walk-in tub installers will assess your needs and budget and offer you the perfect solution. Whether you have a small or large bathroom space, we will custom-build a bathtub just for you.

    Safety and Luxury Features

    Our walk-in tubs provide maximum comfort and convenience. There are a lot of features that ensure that you have a safe, luxurious, and relaxing bath. Some of the value-added features of our bathtub include the following.

    • Anti-microbial properties
    • Multiple color options
    • Air jet systems
    • Low step threshold for convenient access
    • Fast flow drains cut waiting time
    • Handheld shower nozzle
    • Easy-to-use faucet handles
    • Heated seat and backrest
    • Lifetime guarantee on door seal

    Best for Seniors and Disabled People

    Walk-in tubs offered by Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck are designed to meet the needs of seniors and disabled people. The bathtubs have anti-slip surfaces. Moreover, they feature low step-in and built-in grab bars. The safety features will ensure a perfectly safe and convenient bathing experience for the seniors as well as handicapped individuals.

    Easier and Convenient Access

    Our walk-in tub installers will replace your current high-sided bathtub with a tub that features leak-proof side door. This allows easy and convenient access for soaking in the tub. If convenience and safety are your top concerns, our walk-in tubs will perfectly meet your needs

    Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Bismarck today for installation of a walk-in tub. You can call (701) 809-0090 to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation for walk-in tub installation. Our expert installers will provide you with qualified advice in choosing the best bathtub for your bathroom.

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