It is thought that during the height of the Roman Empire, steam baths evolved from the Romans enjoying community and social functions in natural steam baths supplied by hot springs from beneath the ground.

A steam shower is where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that surrounds a person’s body in a self-contained enclosure that prevents the steam from escaping into the rest of the room,avoiding damage to drywall, paint or wallpaper. It is essentially a steam room that offers the same features as a bathroom shower. Steam showers combine functionality of a standard steam room with other features including a regular shower.

They can also be used as a social affair if they seat more than one person, much like the steam rooms in local gyms, hotels, etc. and come in a wide variety of materials.


In summary, if you have the space, steam showers can be a great addition to your home for therapeutic reasons as well as for the most usual reasons we would install any shower.