1. To Begin

    • Begin renovation by removing existing features, including the toilet, sink and medicine cabinet. To remove the sink, disconnect the drain, turn off the water supply, and disassemble the vanity. To remove the medicine cabinet, unscrew the studs inside the cabinet door. To remove the toilet, turn off the water, disconnect the water supply line, and unfasten the bolts anchoring the toilet to the floor.

    The Floor

    • Lay small ceramic tiles over the existing floor, setting them with thin-set cement. Use a tile cutter to shape the tile to fit around the sink and toilet. Smaller tile squares can make a small master bathroom appear roomier. “When you only have eight or ten large tile squares on a floor, the square footage appears to be smaller,” says Kevin Hayes, owner of Hayes & Son Construction in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Vanity and Sink

    • Replace the old vanity with a pedestal sink. Select one with a narrow base and a deep sink rather than a wide one. A porcelain sink with stainless steel, brass or pewter faucets and handles will give the bathroom a more modern appearance. Throw out the medicine cabinet and hang a medium-size mirror over the sink. Mirrors are often used to renovate a small bathroom if for no other reason than to give depth to a small space. Hang shelving over the toilet. This will solve the problem of what to do with the items from the medicine cabinet and will provide additional storage space.

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    Tub and Shower

    • Remove the sliding plastic or glass doors from the tub and shower and replace them with a bright, colorful shower curtain. Small bathrooms don’t have to be drab or decorated with neutral colors, and taking off the shower doors will alleviate the closed-in feeling of being in a small room.

    Wall Tile

    • Paint the wall tile. You can forgo a professional painter. Tim Carter of Ask the Builder says if you use the right paint and clean the tile well, you will be successful. Carter advises not to paint the tiles within the shower or above the tub because the excessive moisture will cause the paint to run.

    A Final Touch

    • Hang an exhaust fan and light for the final touch. The fan will remove the humidity and odors that linger in a small master bathroom.


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