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If you are looking for quality bathroom remodeling services in Kitchener & Waterloo, ON that have an unbeatable warranty and are competitively priced, then you should look no further than the bathroom renovation experts at Bath Solutions. Whether your property is commercial or residential, our experts will be on hand to provide you with the bathroom you have always wanted. We guarantee that we will stick to the budget that we have agreed with you, and that all our bathroom remodeling staff will always be on time and maintain a professional appearance.

Why Bath Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo, Ontario

  • On Budget: Choose from renovations of all sizes to fit your particular situation, home and budget
  • Beautiful Transformations: Beautiful completed transformations to bring the style and comfort you deserve
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind is your beautiful new bathroom!
  • Trusted: Enjoy the ease and professionalism that comes with a trusted contractor
  • Leading products: Our bathroom renovation experts provide only the highest quality materials as we renovate your bathroom


Thank you for all of the hard work and the time it took to get the job done. Town Hall looks great!


very professional, easy to work with and very accommodating

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Bathroom renovations, Kitchener & Waterloo, ONIf you are looking for a brand-new bathroom area and increased comfort with your bathing experience then you need to try Bath Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo. These bathroom professionals have been working on a variety of different bathroom types for years and they can help you change your room to whatever you would like. Offering conversions, mirror and vanity options, walk-in tub installations, and much more. Bath Solutions is one of the best bathroom renovations services in Kitchener & Waterloo and there is a reason that so many come back, because we use the best tools and supplies, matched with the most experienced, friendly, and helpful renovation experts.

All of our services are designed with you in mind. Our company offers personalized attention to every project. Call (519) 741-1110 today to learn more.

The Bathroom of Your Dreams in 3 Simple Steps:

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    Call us today or use the easy form to request an in-home estimate. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you when you call.
  • Second Step: Home Visit
    You can set an appointment with a professional estimator who can make suggestions and provide you with excellent information regarding your remodel. You will gain insights into the options that you have available before we finalize all the details.
  • Third Step: Installation
    When we perform the installation, our team will work quickly to transform your bathroom. As we use the products that you selected, we will treat your home with the upmost respect. We want to complete your remodel on time and on budget.

With over 18 years of experience, Bath Solutions is a top choice for bathroom renovations in Kitchener & Waterloo. We work with a large network of bathroom renovation companies that have access to some of the best products on the market. This allows us to serve several areas across Canada.

With thousands of different products in stock, Bath Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo can help you create dozens of different looks. Contact us online today to start your bathroom renovation process.

Kitchener’s & Waterloo’s Best Bathroom Renovations

Kitchener & Waterloo bathroom renovationsThere are many benefits to having bathroom renovations done and in hiring a service like Bath Solutions come and remodel your bathroom. We have been around since 1996 and have performed a variety of bathroom remodeling jobs. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality bathroom renovations and customer service. We will work on your home to help you create the very best bathroom for your life and needs. Our estimator can come over to your home risk-free and discuss the potential of the ideal bathroom that we can create for you. We offer thousands of products, including high-quality bathtub conversions, relaxing walk-in bathtubs, and more.

We can provide you with a bathroom renovations experience that gives you a new bathroom that is:

  • Relaxing
  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easily accessible

Bath Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo can perform a variety of different tasks and we take careful consideration of your bathing needs. Our experts with Bath Solutions can help you create the bathroom of your dreams, it doesn’t matter what size property you have because we’ve seen and dealt with it all. We will provide you with a quote so you can understand what services you are paying for. We will work respectfully and carefully to make sure that we are creating a bathroom that you are going to love.

The Best in Bathroom Renovations

Bath Solutions can help you to achieve many luxuries and conveniences for your bathroom and bathing experience. We have many quality products that can help bring you the dream bathroom you have been waiting to create. Our experts with Bath Solutions can help to bring you the bathroom that will offer you the most ideal bathing experience, one of comfort, relaxation, and healing. When you choose Bath Solutions we will send an expert estimator to your home first so assess the situation and talk you through the process of helping you to create a brand new bathroom area.

If you are tired of your old bathtub and would like something new, you can choose to go with a shower or other tub variety. You don’t have to stick with what you don’t like, there are so many different options available for you to customize your bathroom to your own needs and taste. You can bring yourself more comfort, relaxation, and healing if you choose bathroom remodeling that fosters that environment. It is easy when you are using high-quality products that have been designed specifically for those purposes. You don’t need to look over relaxation and comfort, start considering your own needs and think about remodeling your bathroom.

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Best Bathroom Remodeling in Kitchener & Waterloo, ON

Bathroom Remodeling for Kitchener & Waterloo, ONHere at Bathroom Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo, the creating and recreating of baths and bathrooms are what we do. We are so good at what we do that we go beyond offering a dream bathroom, and instead offer an even better than a dream bathroom. Hire us and we deliver you a renovated or remodeled bathroom better than the one you ordered. As a company we will not charge you the Earth, and you regard your new bathroom as being worth every single cent.

Without exception we only fit the highest quality accessories and bath materials into the bathrooms of our clients. Our team of experts have the skills to plan and fit your perfect bathroom for you. We happen to have an extensive range of accessories and goods for our customers to pick from to achieve the results that they are hoping for. In fact no other bathroom firm within the Kitchener & Waterloo can order from such an extensive range.

Its More Than Just A Bathroom

We treat all of our customers as individuals that are looking for something special and different from everybody else in their new look bathrooms. That is when having such a wide-ranging selection of accessories comes in handy. We can make sure every bathroom we remodel and renovate is completely unique compared to any other room. Our satisfied customers often recommend our services to their family and friends, indeed recommendations lead to a high number of extra orders.

It is our expertise that allows us to make the bathrooms we change so good that people recommend us to others. Our high standards means that our work speaks volumes for itself. Our teams take great care not only to complete the job to your complete satisfaction but to do so without causing any disruption at all.

Call or contact us online today to discuss the best options with our expert bathroom remodeling professionals.

Kitchener & Waterloo Bath Solutions Specialties

Kitchener & Waterloo Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

The best option for bathroom renovations is to have a flawless installation done that provides you with improved functionality and updated style. Homeowners have the option for a complete renovation or a partial renovation. We have a solution that is able to enhance the beauty of any bathroom. One option a homeowner can consider is to replace a basic bathtub with a new solution to meet any functional need.

The experts of Kitchener & Waterloo Bath Solutions are committed to providing customers installation expertise for the results a customer desires. This is done by using high-quality materials and customer service which is a step above competitors. If a customer is looking to update safety features in their bathroom, then they have help available.

  • Improved functionality
  • New design options
  • Full or partial renovations
  • Contractors are trusted
  • High-quality products

Shower Conversions

We are authorized to install a TubcuT system that will provide step-through access in front of cast iron, steel, acrylic, or existing bathtub. If an in-home accessibility option is needed, then we are able to offer a solution that is sized to any specification that is necessary. This system can also be reversed to restore any tub to original condition. Contact us for more information.

Installing a TubcuT system is a great option to help individuals maintain their independence. There is a white step-over area that is easy to see and units come installed with a mat that is non-skid.

Walk-In Tubs

Falling in a bathtub is a common occurrence when individuals get older. The installation of a tub that is has a walk-in feature will eliminate the risk of injury. We know older individuals require the peace of mind which is offered with the safety and security of a walk-in tub.

The installation of a Bath Solutions walk-in bathtub is able to provide our customers with independence as elderly individuals are more comfortable in their own home. Anyone who has an issue with mobility in their home, then a walk-in bathtub will change their life forever. Individuals will easily be able to get in and out of their bathtub with ease. We are able to help any customer pick the best walk-in tub to meet a basic need.

A walk-in bathtub offers many health benefits:

  • Alleviate muscle strain
  • Circulation is increased
  • Bladder conditions are improved
  • Anxiety is decreased
  • Blood pressure is reduced
  • Stress is reduced
  • Comfortable seating is provided
  • Convenient controls

The installation of a walk-in tub from Bathtub Solutions in Kitchener & Waterloo retrofits the existing footprint of standard bathtubs. A patented two-piece design will allow you easy access into the bathtub for any type of existing bathroom. This is a great option to consider when bathroom renovations are being planned.

Call or contact us online today to discuss the best options with our bathroom remodeling professionals.

About Bath Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo, ON

Bathroom Remodeling Kitchener & Waterloo, ON Established, in 1996, Bath Solutions has been providing supreme solutions for bathroom renovations for almost 20 years. From the time we deliver the estimate until the last tile is laid. The Bath Solutions team are here to serve you every step of the way. As our customers are at the core of our success, we place a high value on providing good customer service. That’s why our global team consists of efficient and customer-focused professionals. As a result, a high percentage of our business is derived from the referrals of satisfied customers.

Many homeowners have already experienced the professionalism and flair that the Kitchener & Waterloo Bath Solutions team brings to every project. When it comes to bathroom renovations, we are the experts. Whether it’s a partial or complete renovation, we bring our expertise and passion to turn your bathroom renovation idea into a reality.

High Quality Remodeling Services

If your bathroom renovation project consists of new bathroom vanities, walk-in bathtubs or deluxe bathroom sinks, trust the Bath Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo experts to get it done right the first time. We feature a wide array of affordable bathroom pieces and accessories that will complement your style and your personality. Bathroom Solutions renovation services includes:

  • Complete Bathroom Renovations
  • Tub Liners in Acrylic
  • Customized Bath Wall systems
  • Shower Doors
  • Customized vanities
  • Air Tubs
  • Whirlpool
  • Soaker
  • Complete range of bathroom fixtures
  • Resurfacing of Bathtubs

We are the simply the best bathroom renovations specialist you will find across the globe. Bathroom Solutions of Kitchener & Waterloo will meet and even exceed your bathroom renovation needs. Give us a call or contact us online and request your Free estimate.

Our Promise to You

  • - Beautiful bathroom transformations in as little as one day -
  • - Thousands less than traditional bathroom remodeling -
  • - Highest quality materials with a lifetime warranty -
  • - Factory trained and professional installers -
  • - All Available Discounts ALWAYS applied -
  • - Affordable Solutions for every budget -