Every year, as we get on in years, it seems the simplest task becomes a little more difficult. It certainly can be more trying to get in and out of your tub easily, without straining joints or risking a fall.

Thank goodness for simple solutions. There are a few ideas to help make bathing a little easier on the senior. One great idea, is to convert your bath into a shower. With low thresholds, they are certainly easy to walk into. One can even roll into a barrier free version if in a wheel chair.

Another obvious solution, is one we have likely all seen advertised on T.V., and that is a walk in bathtub. A tub with a door, making it simple to walk into without putting strain on joints or risking a fall when we lose our balance.

If any of these options seem right for you, give Bath Solutions a call for a free, in home estimate with one of our consultants and get fully informed on how you can make your life a little easier.