Small Bathrooms

  • A small bathroom can pose a special challenge to homeowners. You don’t need to go through the hassle of knocking down walls and moving pipes to make the bathroom feel less cramped. Replace your fixtures with smaller ones. Create the illusion of space with larger mirrors, which will make the room feel larger and brighter. Enclose your shower in glass to make more of the room visible. Avoid filling counters with accessories and knickknacks, which make the room feel cluttered.


    Custom Vanities



  • Lighting a bathroom well can seem to open it up and make it more inviting. Recessed lighting over the vanity mirror can help illuminate the workspace, while skylights can flood the room with natural light. For a warm and cozy look, lamps with narrow bases and shades in colors that coordinate with curtains and towels can be tucked unobtrusively into the corners of counter tops.


  • Lighter colored paint and flooring can make a bathroom seem larger. Simpler still, area rugs in lighter colors and mirrors or large prints on the wall can help lighten things up.

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