If you have a cluttered bath, you may want to consider a wide array of bathroom accessories, shelving and storage units.

Bath Solutions offers a wide variety of accessories for storage in your bathroom. Within the tub area, there is everything from a single shelf to a four shelf caddy, as well as soap dishes in all different shapes and varieties.

Outside of the tub area, vanities and linen cabinets, over-the-john and medicine cabinets. Whether you want a basic unit or you want a custom made unit, there is one for you. Design your own! Have it specifically made to fit your bathroom, and your personality.

Think about what you need to store. Is your tub cluttered all around the edge with shampoos and body washes in different shapes and sizes? Is it the towels that you stack in the corner and have nowhere to store?

Think about the patterns and colours you enjoy. A nice, light maple? A deep, rich cherry or mahogony?

The beauty of customizing your bathroom is that you can pick whatever you want and YOU CAN HAVE IT!