Bathroom renovations are an easy place to recoup most of your costs on resale. Here are some of Scott McGillivray’s best tips to make sure you get more than you pay for.


1 Warm it up
Luxe ways to warm up your bathroom have never been more readily available. Electric towel racks and radiant floor-heating systems are just two cost-friendly ways to go. Products like Nuheat radiant electric floor systems, for example, are easy to install and are energy efficient, plus they’ll elevate your floor by only about ⅛ inch. You need never shiver again – I guarantee it.

2 Clever cabinet

If storage is an issue in your bathroom, and let’s face it, it’s usually an issue in every bathroom, consider having a custom storage unit built into your wall between the studs. Medicine and storage cabinets that jut out over the sink and toilet can make a room look smaller, so integrating a custom storage unit is a smart solution. Hire a reliable contractor to take on this project, so you don’t accidentally puncture a water pipe or hit any electrical wires when you’re punching through your walls.

3 Vanity insanity

A new vanity is a fantastic and fast way to make over a bathroom, especially because there are options for every budget. I like the sleek look of the Godmorgon wall-mounted vanity from IKEAbecause it’s affordable and has a ton of storage. When you change a vanity, check if you need to replace the floor underneath. Pick up an energyefficient faucet to complete the look.

4 Knock knock
Now, I’m not suggesting that you embrace an open-concept bathroom philosophy, but if your doorhits the toilet or the vanity because it opens into the bathroom, or if you can’t close your bathroom door because it’s warped and old, then why not remove it altogether and consider installing a pocket door or a sliding door instead? It’s a fun way to create an amazing loft-like look or add a steely industrial edge – not to mention simply getting clearance.


By Scott McGillivray,Photography, Tim Leyes, courtesy of HGTV Canada,,(page consulted June 25, 2012)