Beautiful Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Plan your ultimate bathroom with these 10 essentials.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when renovating, as more products flood the market than ever before. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 essentials to keep in mind before you plan your dream bath.

The solution? 
Keep it simple.


10 tips for the ultimate bathroom

1 Measure, measure, measure 
Make a list of all dimensions (from room size to space between fixtures).

2 Think about lighting needs
Ambient light is just as important as task lighting in a bathroom.

3 Pedestal or vanity? 
Remember a pedestal visually enlarges a room but keeps storage to a minimum.

4 Factor in all your heat requirements
Nobody likes a frigid bathroom.

5 What’s your view? 
Avoid privacy glass, and always try to have a window that opens for ventilation.

6 Keep it soft
Think of adding room for a chair or stool for comfort and visual fun!

7 Add easy personal touches 
By using vintage or antique finds such as accessories.

8 Choose a peaceful wall colour
The wall colour should be subtle, and not dominate a bath. Choose a shade that’s restful and soothing.

9 Add colour with flowers
Even in a minimal space, flowers add focus and a welcome layer of natural colour. Make sure you have fresh blooms on hand. Wainscot is a bathroom cure-all.

10 Bring it all together
Whether it’s subway tiles or beadboard, nothing pulls together the look of a  country bath better than wainscot.


By Canadian Home & Country, (page consulted May 14, 2012)