It seems to be a difficult decision for people when trying to decide on bathroom renovations and replacing or changing an existing bathtub. For many seniors, for example, it seems to be much more difficult to get in and out of the tub. Difficulties, of which there are many, include balancing on one leg to get into the bath and once you do get in there is the risk of slipping and falling.

So, is it a good idea to replace your bath with a shower and portable seat or permanent bench? Many would say yes. No problem getting in, a larger, flatter surface to stand on (so no rounded corners to place your foot on and slip), and then the optional seating choice. It all sounds so much more accomodating and beneficial to people who may now be experiencing trouble getting in or out of the tub and most would sgree that it is a great idea as long as there is one tub in the home for resale purposes or perhaps visitors.




There are so many options available now that makes everything easier and safer. there are barrier free showers, showers with doors, showers with no doors and of course corner showers (to fit easily into small bathrooms).

So, take your time and make the choice that best suits your personal situation, budget and requirements.