Nothing is as calming as pale, neutral shades of white and grey. Selected by those who appreciate subtlety over spectacle, these gentle tones are associated with cleanliness, making them ideal in the bathroom. “You never tire of them, and they always make you feel bright and happy – you start the day off on the right foot,” says architect Rhona Goldenberg of Rubin Goldenberg Architects, who worked on this Montreal home’s master bath. And the colours were a perfect choice for the homeowners, who sought “a relaxed, soft aura, as opposed to something modern, streamlined and dark,” says Rhona.




Transitional fixtures
Crystal cross handles mesh modern materials with historical details. Marblecountertops equal refinement. Stems of white agapanthus blooms freshen up and soften the space.






Custom features
Comfort meets luxury in the shower’s built-in marble bench. All the comforts are accounted for in the shower: a bench, a rain showerhead, a steam head and side jets.

























Simple luxury
A bath faucet with a hand-held shower-head ups the luxe vibe. Situating the tub under the window offers the bather a cheery dose of morning sun. Roman blinds don’t distract from the handsome tub s


Iris Benaroia

Monic Richard,,(page consulted June,2012)