Ready for your bathtub renovation?
Bath Solutions is quite the sensation!
Spreading out across the whole nation
Having the cure for your condensation
Waterproof bathwalls to keep your room clean
No messy grout, if you know what I mean ;)
Cover your old, messy, worn out pink tub,
Where you try so hard to tidy, you rub and you rub
With every cleaner from here to Japan,
Scrubbing and scrubbing as hard as you can,
With a custom acrylic brand new tub liner
Honestly, almost nothing else could be finer….
Except perhaps a whirlpool with jets
Now that right there is as good as it gets!
Soon relax and enjoy and soak it all in But, wait, here it comes, all you need to begin
It’s ever so simple, a monkey could do the math…

Remember this number: 1-800-NEW-BATH!!