Retrofit Your Plumbing – Dual Flush for a Fraction of the Price

If you’re serious about water conservation, a professional plumber can recommend ways you can make water flow in your home more efficient. National plumbing chain Roto-Rooter, for instance, recently unveiled a green program aimed at encouraging homeowners to retrofit their existing showers, sinks and toilets to make them more efficient in how they use water.

“We decided if we really wanted to be green, we needed to come up with a plan for all levels of society,” Abrams says. “People might not have a lot of money to buy a new toilet–saying, ‘Hey, come into my house, and I’ll buy and have you install three $250 toilets, that adds up pretty fast. But having your existing toilets, sinks and showers more efficient by retrofitting them, that’s a little more manageable and can serve a much bigger slice of the population.”

Abrams says that the price of doing that will vary depending where you live and what appliances you have, but he says the company is confident that their customers will recoup their costs within a year. For instance, they can install a HydroRight dual-flush converter, which should save the average family up to 8,050 gallons of water a year, or approximately $58.