Forget a spa day or weekend getaway, a romantic master bath is all a couple needs to rekindle the flame and escape the pressures of daily life. Check out these 12 sexy master bathrooms built for two.

By Karli Sanders

Gilded Romance

Troy Beasley took a gilded shade of yellow and ran with it. The result is an impressive focal point with a soft, romantic glow.

beasley round master bath

Get the Mood Right

The lighting in this bathroom sets the mood without making things too dark. Carrying the neutral mosaic throughout the space earns major style points.

master bathroom after

Couples Retreat

Sleek, modern lines and a view of the Potomac River set this master bath apart from the pack. Andreas Charalambous’ his-and-hers mirrors are made of sandblasted glass, which allows ample natural light to flow into the room.

master bath floating cabinet design

Shiny Shower

Opalescent tiles make this oversized shower seem like a sexy discotheque for two. A large jacuzzi tub provides another place for a couple to relax and rekindle. Design by Amy Bubier.

bubier master shower

What a Flirt

Play peekaboo behind a translucent glass shower with flirty polka-dot cutouts. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

playful shower glass partitions add fun to bath

Venus and Mars

This master bath by Gail Drury is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine. Neutral colors are pleasing to both sexes. A balance is struck by softening square lines by using curved glass blocks and a double vanity.

contemporary bath emphasizes glass and space

Open Air

This airy bathroom has its own balcony — perfect for stargazing after a romantic shower for two. The unique stone tub adds to the fresh and clean design. Room by Christopher J. Grubb.

contemporary bath offers 5 star luxury

Romantic Age

Dark wood, translucent screens and tiled walls create a rich and inviting spa setting. Proper lighting sets the tone for a romantic rendez-vous.

Glamour for Two

Take your bathing up a notch by doing it in a raised stage complete with an open-air shower and candelabra. This romantic tiled masterpiece comes from Shelly Riehl David.

elegant bath features raised tub and detailed tile

Heavenly Escape

Embrace a little danger by having your shower open to the heavens and only partially enclosed. Dave Stimmel keeps his design flirty in this master bath.

nature inspired master bath

Float On

A few floating candles and a mirror turn this monochromatic area into the perfect place for a sexy soak.

master bathroom soaking tub

Mindful Steam

Multicolored blue and gold tiles cover the benches and ceiling in this Zen-inspired steam room. LED lighting and relaxing fountain complete this design by Shelly Riehl David.

blue tiled steam room asian inspired

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