We all know that when it comes to renovating your bathroom, it doesn’t take long for your very reasonable budget to turn into a general outline and then, well, who’s counting anyway… that is, until the bills arrive. So before you splurge on that sterling silver towel ring, give your budget a fighting chance with these top 10 tips from interior designer William MacDonald on creating your dream bathroom while keeping to your numbers.


Beautiful bathroom decorating ideas

1 Get organized
Start planning at least three to four months in advance. This way you get your bases covered while things are still on paper, as opposed to making decisions while standing around a hole in your bathroom floor. “Don’t just wake up one Saturday morning and decide to rip out the entire bathroom,” says Bill. “Minimize costly missteps by minimizing surprises.”

2 Hire professionals
If you’re not handy, don’t attempt to renovate a bathroom on your own. A reputable contractor will ensure everything is done to code, while a savvy designer will make sure the space functions best for you and your lifestyle. “The last thing you want is to have a custom vanity built and then realize the drawers aren’t deep enough for your blow-dryer,” says Bill. “Measure twice, cut once-it’ll save you money in the long run.”

3 Go classic
Avoid trendy pieces and colours when it comes to things like the tub, toilet, sink, tiles and fixtures. These are difficult and costly to change if you get bored in two or three years time… and you will. Instead, play with fun colours and trends in things that can be easily switched out as your tastes change, such as towels or wall art.

4 Budget for accessories
Include a line item for interesting accessories like towels, bath mats, beautiful vessels, interesting artwork&mdsh; all the bits and pieces that will give the room character and make it more than just an empty white box. “Forgetting about accessories is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when renovating,” says Bill. “Allot at least 10 to 20 percent of your budget for finishing touches.”

5 Personalize big box finds
Instead of blowing your budget on an expensive new vanity, pick up an inexpensive one from your local big box store. Then replace the included wooden counter with a beautiful marble top and high-end faucets to get the look of a $5,000 vanity for less than half the price.

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Donna Griffith; Styling by Ann Marie Favohttp://www.styleathome.com/kitchen-and-bath/bathroom/10-budget-bathroom-basics/a/2312, (page consulted May 14, 2012)